May 23, 2012

Going Out of Business Sale Win

Game stores are closing left and right, and that saddens us all. That being said, there are some great things to be found at those final clearance sales. Today, I got a copy of Star Wars Episode I: Racer for Nintendo 64 for $6. Cool, right? Well… I also kinda got a custom-made, locally printed, colossal¬†Gears of War 3 Poster

Couch and guitar present for scale... and use.

There are many things that label me a nerd, though that geeky coffin got another nail in it today. If posters in general are a tad juvenile, game posters must be puerile. So what about one that’s bigger than the 40″ HDTV on the opposite wall? Bad social stigma comes with such a thing being in ones private residence, I’m sure… But you know what? I don’t care. In the words of Jim Belushi, if you gotta eat it, don’t nibble. My media room deserves nothing less than whole-hog nerd decor. (I’ll just have to break that room to women gently…)

Side note: I’m a graphic designer. I even designed the logo for this very site. I randomly stumbled upon a sale that had a one-of-a-kind poster for one of my favorite games designed and printed at a local shop. Coincidence? Absolutely. But it’s still how I justify buying this asinine thing.


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