May 11, 2010

Anonymous donated $3333.33 pushing Humble Indie Over $1,000,000

Wolffire is currently holding a charity fundraiser where you can get any 5 indie games for whatever you want to pay.  The fundraiser was a seven day event where the developer Wolffire would allow you to get any 5 games for any price you want to pay.  The games included World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru, and Penumbra.  The Humble Indie fundraiser is scheduled to end in just over 3 days from now. 

Today an anonymous donor donated over $3000 dollars to the Humble Indie fundraising campaign.  This is an extreme act of kindness and we at TheGamersBlog would like to thank whoever that individual is for their generosity.  We think this really goes to show how compassionate gamers can be when they are given a good cause. 

One interesting thing to note is the donor donated 3333.33 dollars which could be taken as a reference to Mario Brothers where if you completed at level at 333 you would get the most fireworks.

If you could like to contribute to this charity even please head over to WolfFire here.

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