E3 2011

June 8, 2011

Gamer Rant -E3 Edition – Rebuttal

Yesterday, editor AceofNades posted his weekly GamerRant and had quite an argument brewing over Nintendo’s newly announced console the WiiU. I thought it would be fun, with AceofNades permission, to counter his argument with this rebuttal. It’s not so much proving him wrong because at this point no one has a vast amount of details on the system and its odd controller, but seeing the positives of the controller and console in my opinion.

The WiiU is still surrounded with a shroud of mystery. What we were shown at E3 was the tech of the new controller and what will be the final hardware design albeit some tweaks. They showed the controller off first the same way they did with the Wii. If you are introducing a new way to play games the hardware and software take a back seat to the controller. I would want to know how I am controlling this new piece of hardware before the specs. The Wii remote became the symbol for the Wii not the actual console it’s self. The WiiU’s controller will become the symbol of that console as well. Sony has had the same controller for over a decade albeit some tweaks, that is why there is such a focus on the hardware rather than the controller. Nintendo is trying something new, in terms of controllers, with every console lifecycle. This time with the largest and most technological advanced controller we have seen to date, so I agree with them to push the controller first, hardware and software second and let the press and consumers come to terms with what they will be using with the new hardware.

The new controller is an odd, yet large, addition to Nintendo’s stable of peripherals. I remember back in 1996 seeing the huge trident of a controller for the Nintendo 64. After using what resembled a small brick for several years and thinking this is going to cramp my hands and make everything unplayable; what were they thinking? It turned out to be quiet comfortable and ushered in a new era of control with the analog stick. The Gamecube controller with its jelly bean like buttons was the best controller of last gen. The Wiis nun chuck and remote combo showed us a new way to play while developers ushered in the infamous “waggle”, but showed that simple gestures were, at times, better than buttons. The WiiU controller, I believe it will give us something we never thought we needed. With a beautiful 6.2” screen and the full array of buttons we have come accustomed to having on our controllers, maybe Nintendo is on to something. The vibe I get from the controller is the GBA/GameCube connectivity and how much fun it was to play Final Fantasy: Chrystal Chronicles with friends and have your own little inventory screen where you didn’t have to break the action on the TV. The Legend of Zelda: The Four Swords is another example of the connectivity. The smaller screen was used for dungeon crawling for certain players and keeping your stats as well. This new controller seems like a perfect fit for any game with an inventory system, like a Zelda or RPG. Sports games also come to mind. I have always hated playing Madden against some one in the same room and all you would have to do is look at the other player’s plays and you have a 1:3 chance of picking the play they chose. With WiiU, the playbook can be in your hands and no one but you will know the play. The Dreamcast had a similar feature with their VMU memory cards but the monochrome screen was not ideal in all lighting conditions. There is a just a bevy of ideas that this screen and controller can be used for and I think we haven’t even scratched the surface of what developers have in store.

I think Nintendo has learned a lot from their time with the Wii. The Wii remote devoured batteries at an alarming rate and the new controller looks to have a rechargeable battery, possibly integrated like the PS3 remotes. I could see battery life ranging anywhere from 5-8 hours of play on a single charge, which is better than the 3DS battery powering a full 3D screen. Heat won’t be an issue because I see you being able to either transfer Wii titles or titles that are less hardware taxing to the controller. If they find some way to have full retail games such as Battlefield or a full on Zelda to this device, I am sold! At that point they have the greatest controller ever developed or some sort of powerful Voodoo. There is no doubt that the WiiU controller is huge. 6.2” screen plus two sticks and all the normal face buttons; it is larger than my girlfriends Nook Color. The N64 had a rather large controller; does anyone remember the original Xbox controller named “duke”?  There have been large controllers in the past but not to the extent of this one. If the ergonomics are right and the weight is kept to a minimum, then I see no problems in long play sessions. The controller has to feel right as well as utilizing its functions.

The WiiU and it’s highly advanced, yet large, controller will not hit the Wiis original retail price of $249.99; there is just no feasible way. I can see this launching as one of Nintendo’s priciest systems to date. There has been no talk of price point but from what I have seen and to have more horsepower than the 360 and PS3, the $399.99 price range is what I would price it at. The extra controllers are going to have to be $100 or less. At the peak of their price points the Nun chuck and Remote combo was hitting the $70 asking price, so $100 for a controller that smokes that combo is not unreasonable in my book. They will have a hell of a time marketing this. I agree with AceofNades on this point. Nintendo has done a terrible job at marketing the 3DS and sales have suffered as a result. The 3DS needs to be marketed as the DS successor and they need to cut the DS cord if they want the 3DS to flourish (that and a lineup of games that go from “meh” to “what is this shit?”). The same goes for the WiiU, it needs to be seen as the replacement for the Wii and it needs to stay out of the 3DS’s light. Nintendo has a great family of consoles and handhelds; it just needs to let the consumer know the difference and what the replacements are.

I will end with something AceofNades mentioned and something I think is going through every ones minds; I don’t think this new controller is a gimmick. The videogame industry is a very competitive market. You have companies and development houses come and go and there are only a few major players in the industry that are constants. Hardware manufacturers are constants and there are only three of them so how do you differentiate yourself from the competition when you all have similar products? The WiiU will be going toe to toe with the 360 and PS3 as well as their replacements. Nintendo is finally making a HD console and wants to open the minds and hearts of the core gamers they left behind in their quest for a wider audience. Microsoft and Sony all jumped on to the motion control band wagon when the Wii took off and we have Kinect and PlayStation Move as the result. Now Nintendo is trying to through down with the big boys while going after Apple (and their mindless minions), who they have always seen themselves competing with; now is the time to differentiate. If you have the 360, PS3, and the WiiU all sitting side by side with no labels and similar controllers, you have three almost identical systems that the average consumer will blindly pick one and never look back. Microsoft touts its online structure and the 360 being an online media machine, while having a hand full of exclusives. Sony touts a technological superior console with the PS3, the Blu-Ray disc format, and a handful of exclusives. Nintendo would have a consol with similar hardware, a handful of exclusives, and what? That is where the new controller fits in. It is unique to Nintendo’s console. It is what separates them from looking like everyone else. Nintendo needs more than just Mario and they know it. They are trying to work diligently with 3rd party developers and create something unique, yet familiar, something that “hardcore” gamers will put down their 360 pads and duel shocks and say “I like this, it is different, yet something I would have never thought I needed”. I have faith in Nintendo to bring us a quality product and a complete game changer, because that is what they do best.

June 7, 2011

Gamer Rant – E3 Edition – Wii U

Nintendo revealed its new console at thier press event and are calling it the Wii U. Here comes the pain. So there was no mention of an actual console they only focused on the controller. Wait I thought we were getting a new console? First off the controller looks like its the size of the U Draw or a fat touch tablet. That’s way to big in my opinion. Yea its got a fancy touch screen, but why do I need a screen? Will it have heating issues? Will it eat through batteries? It’s gonna be in HD, but thats the most that was said about the console. The problem is like the Wii the Wii U offers nothing more than a new gimmick. You can switch from your TV to your 6.2 inch screen and then it becomes a handheld…..but I already have a DS. They said release 2012 and gave no price. The 3DS is already $250….now your trying to sell me a new console with another handheld for a controller? How much will that be? You can aim the new controller at the screen for different uses in games (example was baseball, you can use it to aim your pitch) but I get tired after holding up controllers to point at the screen after a while. They are adding newer titles like Arkham City, but I am not going to buy a new console for one or two games when I can just get it for Xbox or PS3. Sure there will be more info to come with the Wii U, but E3 is the place to sell me on your product and I gotta say I am not sold.

June 7, 2011

E3 2011 – Nintendo – E3 Press Conference

Wow, what a morning. Nintendo went out with a bang that left more questions than answers about their mysterious Project Café, now known as Wiiu. There was a great 3DS support, a new controller for their new console, and only one Wii title announced, so take that for what you will. Now on to the facts!

Celebrating 25 years of The Legend of Zelda – They had a live orchestra performing the many themes from the Zelda games over the years and with fanfare announcements dealing with the Zelda franchises. There will be a Zelda concert series performing worldwide; dates to be announced later. There will be a free copy of Zelda: Four Swords on the DSIware this fall. Skyward Sword will be out this holiday, with a limited edition Gold Wii Remote plus, sold separately.

3DS – was greatly supported this time around with several games that are headed to us by the end of the year. Mario Kart 3D will have new attachments such as a glider and a boat motor for underwater sections on the tracks; release date this holiday. Starfox 64 3D will be out this September and will track your opponents faces during multiplayer. Super Mario 3D will be out by the end of the year and will be a mix of 2D and 3D platforming, on top of bringing back the infamous Tanooki suit from Super Mario 3. Kid Icarus: Uprising will be out again this holiday and will feature AR card battles and a multiplayer up to 3v3. Finally a game that first hit the Gamecube back in 2001 is getting a sequel with Luigi’s Mansion 2. It is an all new title with several mansions to explore.

3DS eShop – The update went live last night for the 3DS to enable the internet browser and the eShop. There will be coming, in the fall, game demos for both DSIware and retail games, along with 3D videos. Also within the eShop is the virtual console that will have Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. Right now, up until July 7th, you can download a free copy of Excite Bike 3D classic edition. This will be the start of Nintendo’s revival of classis with 3D enhancements. Also free on the eShop is Pokedex 3D, which is an enhanced Pokedex where you capture the Pokemon through AR spots and the 3DS Spotpass.

WiiU- Nintendo announced what we all thought would be announced, the Wii successor; the WiiU. Now no tech specifics were given; but what was shown is the new controller they hope will revolutionize   gaming. The controller will have a 6.2” screen, accelerometer, speakers, a microphone, two circle pads, a d-pad, normal face buttons (A,B,X,Y,), two bumpers, two triggers, and two cameras; one facing out the other facing you. Here is a picture below. They did not show any specs but the entire target and title footage they showed is comparable to Xbox 360 and PS3. They touted titles such as Darksiders 2, Dirt, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Ghost Recon Online, Metro: Last Light, Tekken, and Ninja Gaiden. These are all just titles they announced not confirmed. No price and no official console reveal was given outside of press pictures, hopefully we will see more in the future, until then here is the WiiU and its new controller.       

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June 6, 2011

E3 2011 – Sony

Well Day one of E3 is in the books and it ended with Sony. Now Sony had a ton of pressure to be great this year due to the PSN hack. Well lets just say I think they hit a homerun. They had to step it up and they did just that. After the apologies and thanks for support here’s what they gave us:

Uncharted 3 – Beta June 28 – Full game Nov 1 – We got a look at Uncharted 3 which looked amazing. The gameplay had Drake sneaking around a cruise ship during a terrible storm. As you navigate the ship you and object around you continuously sway with the choppy seas out side. Eventually the ship gets a hole and starts flooding and then all of the sudden the ship rolls onto its side adding a whole new level layout. It was a very impressive sneak peak.

Resistance 3 – Sept 6 – This installment takes place 4 years after the previous game and its all out war again. All new weapons and great graphics add to the lure. Also Resistance 3 will be capadable with the PS Move. On Sept 6 there will be a special bundle that will include the game, the PS eye camera, Navigation controller, PS move controller, and the sharp shooter controller all for $150.

God of War, Ico, and Shadow of Collossus – All these games games are getting remasterd collections in 3D.

Playstation will box a 24 inch 3D display, 3D glasses, 6ft HDMI cord, and Resistance 3 for $499.

NBA2K12 – This title will include a new NBA on the Move feature that uses the PS Move.

Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest – Fall 2011 – This will be a PS Move game set in a fantasy world. There will be no inventory or weapon select. The gestures you make with the Move controller will select the weapon automatically. The game will feature different branching paths all filled with puzzles to get through them.

Infamous 2 – Gave us another trailer and later this year there will be an update to customize gameplay and the addition PS Move capability.

Little Big Planet 2 – Will get an update this year for the PS Move functionality

Star Hawk – this is the sequal to War Hawk and they gave us a trailer which looked fairly good.

Sly Cooper Theives in Time – 2012 – All we really got to see was a little trailer, hopefully more to come

Dust 514 – closed beta late 2011 – full game spring 2012 – Dust will be a Playstation exclusive. It’s a first person shooter that will be connected with the PC MMO Eve Online. It will also have a PS Move function as well as PS Vita functionality.

Bioshock Infinite – Bioshocks new trailer looked fantastic and it will have uses for PS Move. The PS3 version of the game will come with Bioshock 1 on it.  Also as a side note there will be a game based in the Bioshock universe for the PS Vita.

Saints Row – All we got was a release date of Nov 15

Star Trek – 2012 – This will be a co-op based game with PS Move functionality based on the J.J Abrams movie. It will also be in 3D. There will a prequel to the game as a digital download. There will be a special phaser Move controller that you will be able to buy as well.

SSX – Playstation 3 will have and exclusive Mt. Fugi course.

Need for Speed The Run – PS3 version will have seven extra cars to choose from.

Battlefield 3 – PS3 version will include Battlefield 1943.

NGP/ PS Vita – Holiday 2011 – It has been officially named the Playstation Vita. Includes dual cameras, dual control sticks, dual touch pads, axis controls, and a five inch touch screen. There will be two versions. One with Wi-Fi and one with 3G capability. Playstation will partner with AT&T for the 3G version. Wi-Fi version will cost $249.99 and the 3G will cost $299.99. There are 80 games in development and it will have cross play functionality.

Uncharted Golden Abyss – PS Vita game. Will use touch screen for more simple controls. It had good visuals.

Ruin – Ruin is an action based rpg for the PS Vita. It will use a class system in a fantasy setting. It will use the cross play function for the PS3 version. You can save on the Vita and then load from the same spot on the PS3.

Mod Nation Racers – This will be a brand new Mod Nation Racer exclusively for the PS Vita. You will have a new track customization using its touch screen. Using the touch screen you can create banks for turns, jumps, mountains and lakes. There will 2 million created items already for use on day one.

Little Big Planet – There will be a PS Vita version with tons and tons of online/ community features.

Street Fighter X Tekken – We got to see a small trailer and found out Cole from Infamous will be a playble character. There will also be a PS Vita version with Cole as well.

We did not see Kevin Butler which bummed me a little, but Sony did a great job in my opinion. Sony needed a good showing and I felt they did just that. We got dates and prices which is always good. I have a feeling they took a leap away from the PSN hack and now people will be getting back on board with Sony.

June 6, 2011

E3 2011 – Microsoft- All things Halo

What would E3 be wit out the franchise that created the Xbox? We know Bungie departed the series with Reach and the reins would be handed over to 343 Industries, which is ran by former Bungie member Frank O’Connor. During Microsoft’s press briefing not one, but two Halo games were announced; making the screaming fan boy inside me cry tears of joy.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is just what we expected and has been waiting for. The game is the original Xbox hit with a shiny new coat of paint with online co-op and multiplayer. I was able to catch the interview Spike/Gametrailers had with Frank O’Connor. From what I gathered the game is essentially the Xbox game down to its core. There has been no tweaking of level design, or how the game plays; it was just a graphical overhaul to show the game some modern love. In the interview they tried to get the pricing out of Frank but to no avail they could not. He did how ever say that it will not be $59.99. $39.99 for a beautiful remake and an online suite with re-mastered multiplayer, I’m in! The game will hit retail on November 15th 2011.

If that was not enough Halo for you, Microsoft and 343 had one more surprise; Halo 4. The Master Chief is back in all his green glory. No game play was shown but we did get one hell of a teaser trailer from the directorial mind of Joseph Kosinski (TRON: Legacy, “Starry Night” Halo 3 ad). The trailer, as beautiful as it was, is short and didn’t offer much in the way of story but the Chief and Cortana end up on that planet that was shown at the end of Halo 3s legendary ending (yes I spoiled it, it’s been 4 years if you haven’t beat it by now, tough), thought by the internet’s to be Marathon. There is not much info at this time besides the trailer but the game isn’t due out till fall of 2012. Until then keep an eye out as this Halo nut will bring you any further information.         

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June 6, 2011

E3 2011 – Microsoft- Tomb Raider

Crystal Dynamics came out on to Microsoft’s stage to present their new reimagining of Tomb Raider. This is vastly different than we have seen her last in TR: Underworld. Lara is 21 and just beginning her adventures, the tone is much darker and gritty to the point during the demo Lara pulled out a piece out metal out of a wound like a pro; albeit much whining and moaning. The game play they showed looked like a mix of classic Tomb Raider and Uncharted. There were scripted playable sequences that looked very reminiscent of Uncharted 2. Not to say that Lara’s new makeover is a bad thing and all they did was copy and pasted from Naughty Dogs opus, there were some original ideas amongst the demo. Using Lara’s “survivor skills” you can locate things in the environments to use to create a path to progress. On example they had was using fire to burn certain things to lower a platform. The game did suffer unfortunately from the plague that is infecting most modern games ad that is the quick time event. There were several though out the demo, but they did not seem to slow the pace of the game down. The games aesthetics were beautiful and I think I can get use to a darker and grittier Tomb Raider. If it is anything like Uncharted 2 I will enjoy the game immensely and can’t wait to get my hands on it. The game will be out fall of 2012.  

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June 6, 2011

E3 2011 – Microsoft- Kinect

Kinect was the biggest feature at the Microsoft press event and with good reason. It was a huge hit over the Holiday but with little fanfare for the core gamer and with a very small library still no most have titles outside of Dance Central. This issue they tried to address this E3. They brought out the big guns to try and declare that Kinect was for the “hardcore” and still appeal to the casual audience they have already captivated.

After Don Mattrick took the stage, Peter Moore for EA (funny to have the former Microsoft exec on a MS presser again) took the stage to introduce that Kinect will be featured in Tiger Woods, Madden, and Fifa franchises; to what extent it was not mentioned. EA would continue the Kinect dance with Mass Effect 3 revealing its Kinect features in a live demo. During the demo it was revealed that you will be able to choose dialog choices by simply speaking them making the conversations more involved with the player.

Ubisoft would be the next to show off its Kinect tech with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. They showed off a short trailer for the game then moved on a new feature of the game called Gunsmith, and this is where the Kinect features come to life. Gunsmith is a new weapon customization suite that gives around 20 different pieces of your weapon to customize, inside and out. There are over 20 million different combinations and picking out the weapon that is built for you and your situation is just a gesture away. Using Kinect you will be able to scroll through parts and weapons in a breeze while being able to have custom load outs activated with just a few simple words. At the end of the Gunsmith demo, it was announced that all future Tom Clancy games would have Kinect integration.

There were more Kinect “core” titles shown. A brief trailer for Crytek’s Ryse, which was code named Kingdoms last year, shows a brutal first person fighter set in, what looked like Rome. Forza 4 was shown and how Kinect will use head tracking for cockpit views. Forza 4 will be release on October 11th. Peter Molyneux, head of Lionhead Studios, came on to announce a new Kinect Fable title, Fable: The Journey. The title will be out in 2012 and looks like a rail shooter with other elements, at least what I gathered from the demo. The PC hit, Minecraft, will be coming to Xbox 360 with Kinect support more on a release date later.

The tone would change and the family fun side of Kinect was shown. Kudo Tsunoda would take the stage to present Kinect Fun Labs; which seems like a culmination of everything they left out at launch but in a haphazard feature set.  The fun Labs will be available on the dashboard to every XBL member, and as I am writing this should be available for you to use. (When I checked after the conference it was nowhere to be seen) In the Fun Labs there are applications such as creating avatars from a body scan, object scanning (they brought a stuffed animal to life during the demo), and finger tracking that you can use in a Photoshop like application. I understand these are just tech demos of what the hardware/software combo are capable of, but this is not what I had in mind for these features. I’ll let you know what I think of it when I get my hands on with Fun Labs at a later date. Disneyland Kinect was shown, looking like an interactive tour though the theme park, kids were involved with the demo. Then Time Schaffer took the stage to show off his studios (Double fine) take on Sesame Street in Once Upon a Monster, kids were involved in that demo as well. The Star Wars Kinect game was finally shown and demoed. It looks to take some of the greatest chapters in the saga and you’ll relive them in the eyes of a generic Jedi. It looked ok using gestures to hack and slash through battle droids but the gestures and the animation just weren’t matching up and you have to say “light saber on” to activate your weapon, really? I really am hoping for more from Lucas Arts.

Two of the Kinects holiday hits are getting sequels, Dance Central and Kinect Sports. Dance Central 2 will have two players dancing as well as the ability to import the music and DLC tunes from the first game into the sequel. Kinect Sports Season 2 will have more great motion controlled sports and will hopefully make you look less like a tool than the two guys doing the onstage demo. The sports this year will be football, baseball, golf, skiing, darts, and tennis.

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June 6, 2011

E3 2011 – Ubisoft

Next on the list was Ubisoft’s event. Before I start can I just say 1. just give us the info, you’re not funny and 2. hire people who speak english or make them learn it better. I can’t understand half of what you just said about Track Mania…not that I cared but I digress…Here is what Ubisoft had to offer:

Rayman Origins – This live demo showed some co-op and brought me back to the SNES and Sega days. It had a old school feeling with it’s well animated 2D side scrolling action. The game will support a 4 player co-op.

Driver San Fancisco – Nothing special unfortunatley. Driver will have a multiplayer feature though.

Farcry 3 – This actually looked decent. Got a little sneak peak of gameplay and seemed to have a mixture of stealth and regualr cap busting. The dialog was a bit rough because they censors had a field day with the “beep” button.

Brothers in Arms: Furious Four – 2012  – This is another squad based shooter set in WW2. A mixture of funny characters and over the top style action and humor may make this game one of the better BiA titles.

Adventures of  TinTin – Adventure style game….they didn’t have much to say honestly. Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg just talked about how good it was. Other than that I don’t really know much.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – Showed off some great looking gameplay. Showed the 4 player co-op on a mission to secure a VIP. It had good graphics and really smooth movement and shooting. It looked like a blast to me.

Ghost Recon Online – This will be a free to play PC game. It will also support the achievements you earn in Future Soldier

Track Mania 2 – This is part of Mania Planet which is a hub for other online games for PC. Basically it’s Mod Nation Racers with realism.

Raving Rabbids – Kinect – Nov 8 – The party game comes to Kinect…..wooo……

Just Dance 3 – Oct 2011 – This is wear I took a restroom break…..

Rocksmith – Oct 2011 – Yet another Rock Band/ Guitar Hero -ish game. Rocksmith is supposed to be more realistic than the other guitar games out there as well as being able to teach you how to play real guitar….we’ll see

Assassins Creed Revelations – Nov 2011 – First they showed a cinematic trailer which was great then they gave us a look at gameplay. The cut scenes looked nice but the graphics don’t look much different then the last one. We did get a chance to see a smoke bomb in action with the combination of eagle vision to take out three enemies. Then we saw Ezio running through a crazy course of burning/ exploding ships in the harbor. Looked pretty good.

I didn’t think Ubisoft had that strong of a lineup outside of Assassins Creed and Ghost Recon, but we will just have to see how it pans out.

June 6, 2011

E3 2011 – EA’s Game Changers

EA just finished their press event and heres what they showed us:

Mass Effect 3 – March 6, 2012 – The live demo showed some great graphics and really showed off a much larger scale for the action and fighting. It was also said that if you played the previous Mass Effect games that your decisions in them would all come together in this installment.

Need for Speed: The Run – This new NFS title will be a race across the USA. They have added the auto log feature to this one and it will also feature action out of the car as well. The live demo showed this feature to be a simple button timing excercise but it will be an interesting feature. With stolen police cars, fighting, and helicopter chases this NFS seems like it will up the action element.

Star Wars the Old Republic – Giant disappointment. No release date and the trailer that was shown was the previous two trailers mixed together along with only a few new scenes. Like is said, disappointed.

SSX – Jan 2012 – SSX will have three modes: Race, Trick, and Survive. You will be able to hit the slopes on any major mountain range in the world.

Fifa 12 – It will have better defense systems, ball control, and a new impact engine for tackling. Fifa will also get Football Club. It’s a social hub for stats, leaderboards, and challenges at no extra cost.

Madden 12 – Aug 30 – As with every year, new AI, new collision system, and new player performance system. It’s Madden people. You play one, you’ve played them all.

Sims Social – Sims on Facebook…..yea…..

Reckoning – 2012 – This is a 3rd person fantasy/ action rpg style game. It has your typical magic and regualr fighting system. Can’t say it really was anything great.

Over Strike – Set in the near future, Over Strike has you play as one of four mercenaries in a group with futuristic style weapons and tech. If this turns out to be a four player Co-op, this could be a fun one.

Battlefield 3 – Beta in Sept – Full game Oct 25 – BF showed off the new Frostbite 2 engine with a few scenes which looked great. There was a multiplayer trailer but it was very quick and didn’t really show much. Like the Auto Log for Need for Speed, Battlefield will introduce the Battle Log which is their social hub for stats and leaderboards etc. They showed a live demo from the PC version which looked nice but it was all in a tank. Never showed anything on foot. It was an open field tank battle that eventually turned into a small base assault with the tanks.

All in all EA showed some interesting things. More to come from E3!

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