Gamer Rant

June 7, 2011

Gamer Rant – E3 Edition – Wii U

Nintendo revealed its new console at thier press event and are calling it the Wii U. Here comes the pain. So there was no mention of an actual console they only focused on the controller. Wait I thought we were getting a new console? First off the controller looks like its the size of the U Draw or a fat touch tablet. That’s way to big in my opinion. Yea its got a fancy touch screen, but why do I need a screen? Will it have heating issues? Will it eat through batteries? It’s gonna be in HD, but thats the most that was said about the console. The problem is like the Wii the Wii U offers nothing more than a new gimmick. You can switch from your TV to your 6.2 inch screen and then it becomes a handheld…..but I already have a DS. They said release 2012 and gave no price. The 3DS is already $250….now your trying to sell me a new console with another handheld for a controller? How much will that be? You can aim the new controller at the screen for different uses in games (example was baseball, you can use it to aim your pitch) but I get tired after holding up controllers to point at the screen after a while. They are adding newer titles like Arkham City, but I am not going to buy a new console for one or two games when I can just get it for Xbox or PS3. Sure there will be more info to come with the Wii U, but E3 is the place to sell me on your product and I gotta say I am not sold.

May 25, 2011

Gamer Chat? Nope, This is Gamer Rant!

Ok so Gamer Rant is going to be my little outlet to unleash the frustration in the gaming world. This rant is about good ol’ Call of Duty. First things first. When I played Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare I was blown away. That game raised the bar and set a new standard for first person shooters and it was a fantastic game. There I said something nice. We fast forward to now and we have Modern Warfare 3 on the horizon. Here is the problem, with the exception of zombies (great idea) what exactly is new about the next Call of Duty titles? You get a new story right? Run through maps shooting everything and blow stuff up. Multiplayer is different? No…you pay for a glorified map pack really. My point is since Call of Duty hit gold with the first Modern Warfare, they haven’t shown us anything new or different since. Yes zombies was a good thing, but now Black Ops gave us a shopping style leveling process. Ohh I get to buy things now. They gave us playercards so kids can make a rough image of a penis next to their name. Ohh the creativity! Still not with me on this? Ok try something for me. I am sure everyone has seen the newest MW3 trailer because it plays on TV every 10 mins. Step one: watch the trailer. Step two: take out anything that says 3. Step three: realize that trailer could be used for any other CoD game because its nothing new! “That wouldn’t work for World at War because it was set in WW2.” Absolutley correct…..I see my argument has failed miserably. Now don’t get me wrong this is a problem for all shooters alike. I only use MW3 because its what they are trying to shove down our throats this time. I really hope with a new game will come something more interesting than the usual dismal repeat of the previous year. I want to see what Battlefield 3 is going to do. I as a gamer, just want something new. I don’t want to pay $60 for a new video game case.

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