May 10, 2011

Brink: First Impressions

Thanks to some awesome friends of mine I got a copy of Brink on pre-order and got to sit down and play it last night.  Being that I haven’t been able to play all of the way through it I thought I would give my initial impressions of the game. 
Before I begin I want to clarify what Brink is.  Before I was gifted this game I had absolutely no idea what it was or what the point of the game was.  Brink attempts to be a combination of several games.  First and foremost Brink bears similarities to Team Fortress 2 and then tries to combine it with the likes of Borderlands.  There are even some Call of Dutyesq elements in the form of weapon unlocking and modifications and all of this comes without the annoying TF2 hats. 
I’m sure by now most of you have read the reviews at major gaming outlets such as IGN, Kotaku and Gamespot citing their gripes with the game.  In fact, IGN says “An Exercise in needless repetition” and I have to say that I actually agree with these reviews. 
My biggest complaint so far is the lack of a true single player element.  I mean, there are single play elements, but they aren’t really single player as they more closely resembles a Quake 3 arena single player death match but aside from the cinematic intro it doesn’t appear to follow any sort of plotline.  This is more of a personal preference, but I hate that style of single player.  I prefer a true single player experience that is separate from the multi-player component.  Having said that I think co-op is a fantastic idea and should be incorporated in more games but I don’t think you should have to be online to play a single player game.  Brink forces this online component upon you and as we have seen in the past this model doesn’t work well. 
I’ll have a final opinion when I play through the rest of the game but so far it looks like Brink still needs a bit of work before it’s going to be able to contend with the other big players out there.


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