Infinity Ward

April 17, 2010

Infinity Ward’s Impending Doom

Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward seems to have to come to blows with Activision. There is a lot of speculation on the matter and not all the details are known yet. According to an anonymous inside source it all began with the firing of IW co-founder and developer Jason West and Vince Zampella for insubordination and breach of contract. Also Activision is supposedly not paying royalties out to IW employees which has caused much of the IW personnel to leave and it is expected that at least 10-20 more IW employees will leave within the next few months, most of which are teaming up with West and Zampella in their new Development company Respawn to which it is also said that West and Zampella have singed a deal with EA. Activision will of course be hiring new blood and trying to keep up with loss of personel. This is bad news for future Modern Warfare games, specifically MW3 wich the inside source commented on and how it would be difficult for the studio to stick to its timeline and finish the game on time. This is a fight that is just getting warmed up and will likely be ongoing for some time, we can only hope that amdist the BS and turmoil the quality games we are used arent thrown to the chopping block. And personally I find it highly dissapointing that such tremendous talent (West & Zampella) has made a deal with the devil that is EA, hopefull that isn’t final and ends up untrue.

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