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April 13, 2010

Korea Imposes Online Curfew For Online Games

Korea has introduced a pair of policies that will impose a curfew on online games.  The curfew has been put in place to help curb the rising number of online game addictions plauging the nations youth.  The Korea Herald says “In what’s being touted as the “nighttime shutdown,” the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism hopes the new measures they have implemented will help eradicate video game addiction among teenagers.”

Another interesting part of this policy is the “Slowdown” system.  This system monitors how long the youth has been online.  If the youth passes a certain time limit then their bandwidth is drastically changed.  In essence lagging their connection considerably to help convince them to get offline and take a break.

Gamers are currently being  given three options for the six hour black-out period –midnight-6 a.m.,1-7 a.m., and 2-8 a.m.  Once the clock ticks Midnight the users access to the game will be shut down and then resume at the end of the blackout.

This policy is currently in test mode.  It does NOT include all online games but it does include several of the more popular titles within the country which are  games like “Barameui Nara” “Maple Story,” and “Mabinogi,” in the second half of this year — games which require users to spend long hours invested in a virtual world.

While it may be true that youth spend to much time playing video games it may not necessarily be the governments right to provide the restrictions for them.  What do you guys think?  Is the Korean Government overstepping it’s bounds?  The concept that something like this could pass is a slightly disturbing.

You can read the full Korean Herald article here.

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