September 21, 2013

Noobcamp reaches its $25,000 Kickstarter goal

noobcamp trailer logo

13 hours ago project Noobcamp successfully reached it’s goal of raising $25,000, reaching a total of $25,305 with 166 backers. But what is Noobcamp?

“Noobcamp is a story about an ex-professional gamer who is forced to teach a video game camp for kids. Johnny7, as he was once known, was among the top pro gamers in the world and made millions in endorsements. The show picks up several years after his downfall. Johnny, now mid-20s, reckless and jaded from his fame and fortune, is probably the worst person for the job, but he may be exactly what they need.” Noobcamp by Mayview.

Reading through all the information on the Kickstarter page together with the video these guys have put together I find that I get drawn more and more into this idea and it becomes more fascinating. If you have an interest in gaming, film-making or you just like to watch shows that challenge your perceptions and provide a challenge then I think you are definitely going to be interested in this.

It interests us here at The Gamers Blog for two main reasons:

We respect what these guys are trying to do and it falls in-line with what we try to achieve on The Gamers Blog, we are all about getting information out there, inspiring people and helping to promote the industry and everything that it can achieve, we believe that we can make a difference and we do that by bringing forward new ideas and getting people to think differently.

We think that the concept of the show is brilliant and that the goal of integrating gamers and non-gamers is something that could really work well here, there can be a cross-over and it can be a happy medium, not a them and us. I personally love when they say that “Gamers don’t just play games. They laugh, they fail, they love, they search for adventure, they search for who they are.” – for me, that’s really key.

Look out for this one, I think it’s going to be a success! Let’s start with the trailer.

April 10, 2013

Real Time Strategy with Death Inc

Death Inc media image

From some of the minds that brought you LittleBigPlanet, Fable and Burnout comes a pungent re-imagining of the Black Death.

Now this sounds like my kind of game! And I’m really happy to champion this fun British made game developed by Ambient Studios describe as ‘a freehand strategy game, a unique mix of real-time strategy, god game and business simulation’. Although the game is still in early development there is a demo version you can download from the Kickstarter website here: and will be coming soon to PC and Mac.

The back story…

The disaffected grim reaper ‘Grim T Livingstone’ decides to strike out on his own and found his own reaping business in bustling 17th Century England, Death Inc. His job is to harvest the souls of the townsfolk, he does this by infecting them with Bubonic plague. Once infected a person rises to be part of the reapers army of the undead – but it’s never that easy, the townsfolk are no pushover and they will fight you tooth and nail. You compete in the game against another company – the Ministry of Mortality, and also against other reapers such as Livingstone with their own reaping businesses.

I can’t help but compare this game to the OS strategy game Pandemic, I remember blogging about it last year as that was a game I really enjoyed. Strangely, it also reminds me a little of World of Warcraft, where the Lich King and frostmorne claimed the souls of the dead raising them to create his own undead army, so I like to think of this game as a kind of pandemic-WoW mashup. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this game develops, follow all the latest news on the Ambient Studios website:

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