July 27, 2011

Review: Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team



You play as one of four Space Marines in this twin stick arcade style action shooter, on mission to stop an Ork Kroozer traveling to an Imperial Forge World before it can invade. You are a Space Marine. All of your battle brothers are depending on you to fulfill your mission. Do you have what it takes?

Classes consist of two ranged types: Sternguard Veteran & Tech Marine, and two close quarter or melee types: Librarian & Vanguard Veteran. Each have three weapon load outs (two which must be unlocked), two slots for “perks” (most of which must also be unlocked) and a special ability that is unique to each Marines.

This is a DLC title so it is on the cheap (about $9.99 or 800 msp). It has five campaign levels and five survival levels (kind of like horde mode) that can both be played single player or local two player co-op. It also sports leaderboards, player stats and a cool codex detailing all the enemies you come across during the course of the game. This is a sort of a prequel to the upcoming Warhammer 40k Space Marines game releasing later this year so playing through the first level unlocks a unique sword usable in Space Marines.

Gameplay is hectic and fun with each class dealing death in its own unique way. At times it seemed like over one-hundred enemies would attack you at once but I could be wrong. Shooting or slashing through waves of enemies can be hugely satisfying and also a challenge. The level design was engaging and seemingly true to the art style of the Warhammer 40k Universe.

There were some technical issue for example, When large amounts of enemies where on-screen the game did seem to lag slightly, although it could have been the aging hardware of my Xbox that was the cause. Lighting was an issue as well, being too dark prompting my swift death due to not seeing my foes, easily fixed with the brightness control however. The biggest issue was, as with most games of this type, the fixed camera sometimes putting your view in the worst of vantage points but, most of the time it was manageable.

All in all this was about three to four hours of mindless fun and distraction where if you had a bad day, killing a few thousand Orks may make you feel a little better!

+ Visuals true to the Warhammer 40k universe
+ Variety of combat styles and options
+ Plenty of things to destroy and kill
– Lighting to dark at times
– Lag issue when large amounts on enemies on-screen at once
– Local co-op mode only (would be nice to play over XBL or the PSN)

Final score: 7/10 lots of fun


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