pc vs 360

December 9, 2009

PC vs. Xbox 360


PC vs. Xbox 360

This debate has been going on for a while, but is still interesting to consider.  What is the superior gaming platform? PC or the 360. . .  Whatever way you lean, there’s no denying that Microsoft has got a vice grip on these markets throats, but they do deserve some praise, no matter how much they extend their dreams of a full blown monopoly.  Obvious downsides to the 360 are; Xbox live fee, can Microsoft not make enough money though advertising on Xbox live to eliminate this fee?  Also the inability to upgrade hardware with the 360 is a huge downside.  Beside a few months following its release, the 360 is no longer cutting edge, although compared to a top of the line gaming rig the 360 is relativity cheap, and could be considered more user friendly for new gamers to jump in and get to da gamming.  The PC is more expensive, that’s a given, but offers many options for upgrading and customization.  There is also the gaming experience to consider, many people, myself included, prefer to play fsp’s on the PC because of the feeling of better control with a mouse (arm, wrist, hand, finger movements) as compared to a 360 controller (thumb and finger movements).  But someone that grew up playing more console games most likely would prefer to use the 360 controller than a mouse.  Let’s hear what you think, which is superior and an overall more enjoyable gaming experience?

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