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June 3, 2011

Electronic Entertainment Expo!!!

The biggest gaming event of the year is just a few days away! All the big players coming together to show us want we can expect to see in the coming year. Can’t go? Can’t watch it live? How will I get my E3 fix?? No worries The Gamers Blog has you covered. CABXYZ and yours truely will be bringing you daily updates for ALL your E3 coverage. We will have all the info hot off the press conference floor as we get it. I will also be posting a special Gamer Rant : E3 edition. Daily updates, special posts, and maybe if your good a few suprises, what else could you ask for? You say another giveaway? Sure why not! Check us out during our E3 coverage for details on another giveaway. What are you hoping to see this year at E3? C’mon Star Wars Old Republic! Fingers crossed.

May 1, 2011

Kazuo Hirai Holds Conference to Explain Themselves

Sony held a press conference at 2pm Japan time, 1 am eastern time to discuss the future of the Playstation Network and the issues. Present at the conference were Kazuo Hirai (Representative Corporate Executive Officer), Shinji Hasejima (Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer) and Shiro Kambe (Senior Vice President, Sony Corporation
Corporate Communications). They did confirm it was an outside intusion and of course they gave the “We’re Sorry”, but they also gave us an idea of whats to come.  Here are the major items:

– Adding a new data system and moving it to a new location

– New intrusion software

– There will be a software update to change your password when PSN is back online

– They asked the 70 million plus subscribers to check all personal info and purchase history for any anomalies

– Sony asks you check all passwords and login info you may use for other things ( anything similar to your PSN login)

– Sony will NOT contact you for any personal information ( so if someone calls or emails you asking, its not Sony)

– There was no evidence of credit card info theft, but Sony is considering compensation for any losses and re-issue of credit card. Also no misuse or credit cards have been reported

– Playstation Network services will begin to come back online within the week (online gameplay, movies, Playstation Home)

– Playstation Store and all other services will be online within the month

– When Playstation Network returns, members will recieve a 30-day free trial for Playstation Plus as well as Qriocity

Kazuo went on to say they will learn from this experience and continue to combat threats against the company and continue to enhance the overall security for the future. Sony will continue to give us more information as it becomes available.

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