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May 2, 2012

Xbox 360 + Kinects for $99! BUT There’s a Catch…



The rumor mill is a-buzzin on the ol interweb today with a new bundle for the Xbox that maybe available as soon as next week. The bundle will include the 4gig Xbox 360 plus the kinects for a mere $99! BUT, there’s a catch you have to agree to a Monthly subscription to Xbox live Gold at about 15 buck a month! There may also be extra streaming content available as well as a 2 year warranty. Cause you know Xbox’s’ like to brick on a regular basis!


If you’re thinking “well I’ll get the bundle then drop the subscription after a few months!” think again in an effort to keep you up to date and fully paid there is an early termination fee that you will have to pay to drop the service. Is it me or does this sound like oh I don’t know ah a cell phone contract!


So now if you’re wondering if it’s worth it sit down and do some math the cost for buying the system out right with Xbox Gold for two years is about $420 and if you go the subscription route it’ll set you back $459! Well, to me. This seems like a sham but if your short on cash and be needin so XBL this maybe the way to go… Just remember that 4gig system will not hold all those Call of Duty Mappacks you been dyin to download and play online so a Hard drive will set you back about another $100 give or take Sooooo hhmm is it worth it? Why don’t you guys decide leave your thoughts below…


Source: Forbes

July 28, 2011

3DS Price Drop!



Written by: CABXYZ…

Yes you heard that right, just less than a year after the portables release it is getting a price drop and a massive one at that. Early this morning Nintendo released a press release stating that the 3DS just 5 months after the system’s release will be taken from its $249.99 price tag to $169.99 on August 12th. Yes, you are not seeing things the 3DS will be $169.99 early next month. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime had this to say about the price drop,

“For anyone who was in the fence about buying a Nintendo 3DS, this is a huge motivation to buy now,”

“We are giving shoppers every incentive to pick up a Nintendo 3DS from an amazing new price to a rapid-fire succession of great games.”

If you were an early adopter then don’t worry Nintendo is not giving you the cold shoulder. If you have a 3DS and connect to the e-Shop before 11:59pm EST in August 11th, you will be registered for the Nintendo 3DS ambassador program. The program will contain two parts:

  1. On September 1st the e-Shop will receive NES Virtual Console games and you will receive 10 absolutely FREE! These games are to include: Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong Jr., Balloon Fight, Ice Climber, and The Legend of Zelda. There will be paid versions of these games as well so that every 3DS owner will have the opportunity for download.
  2. By the end of 2011 the e-Shop will also include GBA Virtual Console titles and you will receive 10 absolutely FREE! The titles to be included are: Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advanced 3, Mario Kart Super Circuit, Metroid Fusion, WarioWare Inc. Mega Microgame$, and Mario vs. Donkey Kong. Nintendo stated that these titles will be for ambassadors only and won’t be released to the general public any time in the future.

On top of all of that news Nintendo gave release windows for some of the 3DS’s biggest games this year. Star Fox 64 3D edition will be out on September 9th, Super Mario 3D will be in November, Mario Kart will be out in December and Kid Icarus: uprising will be out before the end of the year. This is a great announcement for a handheld I am finding more and more things I love about it. With Netflix now available, a stead release of quality titles, and with this announcement of a major price cut, the 3DS could be sitting on top when the handheld wars ignite once more when the PlayStation Vita arrives this fall.

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