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September 2, 2011

Netflix News…. None of it Good!

In a Press Release issued today Starz has announced that they have ended negotiations with Netflix to renew streaming rights of Starz content. The current agreement will expire February 28th 2012 and all content will be removed from Netflix streaming.

It was rumored that negotiations broke down due to Starz insistence that Netflix adopt tiered pricing even after they have already implemented a huge pricing increase separating the disc and streaming options of their service. This means losing access to Starz series like Spartacus and Camelot and also losing content from Sony and Disney of whom Starz has exclusive rights to. Making matters worse this bombshell was released on the same day that the new pricing model kicks in for Netflix!

So how many people are thinking about dumping Netflix? In my opinion they had better post some serious content for streaming to justify the increase if they want me to keep paying! This news isn’t boding well for my decision into keeping the service either!


source: Engadget

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