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June 23, 2012

Orks Must Die 2 Preview

I recently had the joy of being able to play through Orcs Must Die and it is one of the most entertaining games I have played in a long time.  So when I heard that there was going to be a sequel you can probably guess how excited I was.  Orcs must die is a unique take on the tower defense game type and it is gargantuan amounts of fun.


Orcs Must Die 2 looks to follow the same formula as the original but it has some key features that I think will take it from being a good game to a great game:


– Coop Play (this game is insanely fun to play in a group except you have to take turns.  Discussing strategies, sharing stories and watching the hordes die in very unpleasent and painful ways is a blast)

– New Character to Play (while the protagonist is hilarious, stupid and charming all at the same time the addition of some other playable characters will be a huge plus)

– More Traps

– Bigger and Better maps


If you were like me you probably had never heard of this game or it’s predecessor because it isn’t from a major publisher.  That being said if you haven’t played the original you owe it to yourself to do so.  It’s got a very lengthy and enjoyable campaign full of death and mayhem and there is something about watching your traps slaughter the hordes that is very gratifying.


There is no set release date yet but stay tuned as one should be announced soon.  Have any of you play Orcs Must Die yet? What did you think of it?



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