Star Wars 1313

June 22, 2012

Star Wars 1313 the First M Rated Star Wars Game

We are finally getting a real Star Wars game and by that I mean one that is designed for an Adult audience and not built from the ground up for my 5 year old cousin and his friends to play at a birthday party.  Star Wars 1313 looks to be a solid presentation with an adult theme and this has me incredibly excited.


The more intriguing part about this annoucning at E3 was the carrying of the M rating.  This is the first Star Wars game to ever get an M rating and it should be intersting to see how they deliver the story.  I’m also curious to see if this is going to be a multiplayer focused titled or one that focuses on the single player campaign and then the multiplayer second.


The visuals on the demo below look very impressive and the character animations look fantastic.  The presenter at E3 said the demo was running on an ‘High End PC’ which I hope translates to that the PC version will be getting it’s proper time in the oven.


Here is to hoping that this new Star Wars games finally takes the franchise out of the depths of the toliet bowl as the last few games to be released, with the one exception of SWTOR, have been disappointing at best.  This looks to be an original story so the prospects are high.  Having said that I’m sure they could find a way to make a Jar Jar binks run in somwhere during the game to completely ruin the experience but who knows.  What do you guys think?

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