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September 2, 2012

Review: Syndicate

Story: In 2017 when a merger formed the first mega-corporation Eurocorp who then brought on the age of the Neural Chip that brings on the demise of all digital devices and the fall of governments world wide, in 2069 the world is now controlled by the mega-corps and industrial espionage has grown to new levels requiring covert agents to do the bidding of the mega-corp CEOs who are all hell bent on being the largest corporation on the planet.



Review: I’ve been debating on this game since it’s release in February 21st of 2012 decided to hold off until the price dropped to what I felt the content was worth. Playing the 4 player Co-op demo that was released then was very fun much like Mass Effect 3’s Co-op Syndicate has your team trying to complete objectives that will force you to work together to complete the mission. That was great But I wasn’t sold on the demo alone after looking into the campaign information that is where I thought this game wasn’t a $60.00 title but it looked like a $29.99 buy for sure so now that it hit my price range (I even have seen it on on sale for $14.99!) I bought it and my decision to wait was rewarded well…



Graphics: This game looks really great visually on thebox360and I can imagine that the PC looks even better. However, the graphics seem to come at a price in that in Co-op and even in the Campaign this game gets a fair amount of lag, when tracking around a room the choppy-ness really kicks in and drags the game play down at times


Sound and Voice Acting:  The voice acting is top notch with the Likes of Brian Cox, Rosario Dawson, and Michael Wincott give solid voice overs for their characters. Music was really good  provided by award winning DJ Skrillex to name one and other Electronica DJs the soundtrack fits the game to a “T”! Sound design is also really well done and I’m not sure if EA optioned Dice to do the sound but it really seemed like it.



Gameplay: It is typical FPS style although the triggers and shoulder buttons are flipped PS3 style and I can understand why being that you agent abilities are mapped to the triggers and come in very handy in both the Co-op and campaign. The responsiveness of the controls is a problem it seems when you are trying to switch abilities and reload on the fly it may not work the first tap of the button and you cannot multitask either i.e.: Reloading while sliding into cover.  The campaign levels average between 15 to 30 minutes to complete which took me between 6 and 7 hours to complete on Hard. One big complaint was the boss battles and I have read this else where and have to agree that they are mundane at best and could have been so much better given the weapons and abilities that you have access to in the game.



Multiplayer; This is where this game shines and if your looking for change up on the Mass Effect 3 Co-op this is for you! Four player HAVE to work together to achieve the goals and complete the mission, doing so gives you access to new weapons abilities and upgrades to three class types that each serves a purpose remember keep your team mates alive and you will complete the mission!



Overall: I was right in waiting to purchase this title with a short campaign and issues that from what I have read don’t seem have an ETA to be fixed and lack of any DLC to keep the Co-op fresh. This game is a discount buy sad to say, its worth what I paid But I wish it had more to offer in the way of support. I do recomment this game but not at the original price!





+Visually stunning graphics

+ Top notch voice acting cast, soundtrack and sound design

+ Co-op game play resembles M.E. 3 but is different enough to be fresh





-Game lags whether in campaign or Co-op taking away from the fun

-Boss battles are mundane at best and could have been so much better

-Call of Duty length in campaign makes this game very short

-Lack of support by EA and Starbreeze for bugs and no additional DLC to keep it fresh


For more info on Syndicate head over to EA/ Starbreeze’s page right here!

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