January 2, 2013

Diablo 3 Team Deathmatch Scrapped

Diablo III PVP Update

Blizzard game director Jay Wilson has announced that the planned Team Deathmatch mode for Diablo III PVP has been scrapped, pretty interesting news for Diablo fans out there who have been waiting for what comes next to improve the much criticised end game. The dev team just don’t feel that what they’ve currently got meets either their own or the fans expectations, I know that this will come as a blow to a large number of fans but looking on the bright side this surely can only mean that rather than releasing something that isn’t going to cut it, the team are thinking ahead and want to get it right this time. So it’s back to the drawing board regarding Team Deathmatch, but in-game dueling is still currently scheduled to release in patch 1.0.7 which should be in the near future.

Read more about this decision in the Diablo III PVP Update. I look forward to hearing more about the duelling, hopefully there will be more news soon.

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