August 17, 2011


Due to the rather strong suggestions from some of my friends on Xbox Live I decided to purchse a copy Medal of Honor for the Xbox 360.  I had the title for maybe two weeks before I ran into this little gem of an error.  I should of expected this coming from EA.  This error drove me insane for about 3 days before I finally found the solution to it.  This error can be solved on any EA games that require you to play through the EA servers.  The following steps should help resolve your issue.  After each step launch Medal of Honor and try to login to multi-player.

1.  Go to My Xbox -> System Settings -> Memory and press Y and press clear cache.  You can read the offical tutorial here.

2.   Go to My Xbox -> System Settings -> Memory -> Games -> *Medal of Honor* and delete the Medal of Honor folder

3.  Press the Xbox Button and go to Account Management -> Download History -> Medal of Honor and redownload the license.

4.  Finally if this does not work log out of Xbox Live -> My Xbox -> System Settings -> Console Settings -> Clock  -> Date and Time  and change the date and time to 11/15/2005 and then reconnect to Xbox Live.  The date and time should automatically reset after you connect to Xbox Live.  This resets your Xbox Live connection. 

I went through a lot of pain and agony to figure this one out.  I hope this tutorial is helpful to someone out there. 

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