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May 12, 2011

How to become a Gamer Chick – A Simple Guide

Step 1.  Be of the female species.  This is very important.  Sex changes do not count unless you were predisposition towards the feminine as a male.  Also, please ensure that you are homo-sapien as bovine, lupine, or any other form of mammal, avian, reptile, or plant life is unacceptable due to the lack of cognitive thought and/or opposable thumb.  Once you’ve determined if you are indeed a homosapien female, you may proceed to step 2.  If you cannot prove that you are so, then this guide will simply be humor to you rather than something of use.

Step 2.  Remember that as in all walks of life, gamer chicks can be beautiful or ugly, fat or skinny, nerdy or preppy (rare, but it happens).  It matters not to the game or those who you talk to on chat what you look like.  All that matters is how you play.  Throw aside your prejudices and play with confidence!

Step 3.  I call this step “The Baby Gamer Chick.”  If you have not gamed before, begin with something stupid simple, like Farmville.  If you cannot handle the simple task of running a pixelized farm, then you have no business sniping down the enemy.  Graduate slowly to Bejeweled Blitz and Zuma Blitz to test your adaption to speed.  Once mastered, play this game (http://members.iinet.net.au/~pontipak/redsquare.html).  Once you can go for 18 seconds, you’re ready to graduate to real games.

Step 4.  Be not ye wary of violence.  While games like Farmville and Hello Kitty Island Adventures can be the gateway, you cannot stop there.  If the concept of head shots, zombies, portals, and assassinations make you queasy, then stay at the “The Baby Gamer Chick” stage of Farmville and Bejeweled.  For those of you ready to move on to the Big Girl games, my suggestion is to play with a group of friends who know what they’re doing.  Make sure that at least one of them is willing to actually TEACH you what each button does, and then prepare to be cremated by them in the weeks following.  Do not expect mercy, and do not ask for it.  You must experience the pain of being a newbie.

Step 5.  Practice.  Alone on campaigns, with your uber leet friends, however you want as long as you are improving.  Do not stay on the easiest level possible.  Jump right in at insane mode as soon as you’ve grasped the basic game mechanics.  Don’t be afraid of failure.  Shoot failure in the face with your developing skills.  You’ll soon be kicking ass with all your friends.

Step 6.  Branch out!  The world is your playground!  FPS, MMO’s, table top games, try them all and have fun!  That is the point of being a gamer chick, after all.

Well that…and kicking guys butts in PvP.

March 22, 2010

Hyper Transport Sync Flood Error?

I would like to start a place on the Blog for questions and answers, aka a forum for all questions about hardware/software, compatibility, over clocking, errors and general PC questions, hopefully in the near future.  But for now we’ll just rock out on the main page.  Ok, my issue… I upgraded my computer after Christmas, now my specs are:


CPU:               AMD Phenom II X4 995 Black Edition 3.2GHz 125W

RAM:              GeIL 2GH (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR3 1333 (PC3 10660)

Video Card:    GeForce 8800 GT 512MB

I haven’t noticed until about a month ago, but I started to have random crashes (of course while gaming).  The computer restarts and gives me the error message, “A Hyper Transport Sync Flood Error occurred on your last boot”.  And of course my game is rudely interrupted.  The jest of this that I’m getting from other forums, basically from www.tomshardware.com and www.overclockersclub.com is that the power being supplied to the CPU and or RAM is not enough and causing this error.  It has been recommended in other forums that I overclock the CPU and possibly the memory too.  Another forum states to go in the BIOS and turn off AMD’s cool and quite feature, which should bump up the power/heat as well, eliminating the error.  Also I am getting info that it is a MOBO problem, that my ASUS board needs a driver update?  I’m gonna start with turning off the cool and quiet feature under the BIOS, seems like a safe bet to start with, but any suggestions would be helpful (as I have never overclocked and am worried about frying something)… Thanks.

March 12, 2010

An Introduction

Hey all,
Ive made a few post here at TheGamersBlog and have been given the oppurtunity to write up some content for you guys. My name is Kevin, Im 25, married, and just had a beautiful baby girl named Cadence. Ive been gaming ever since Highschool and have been into it ever since, I Also had my first PC built while in highschool and have custom built every PC Iv ever used since then, its just a jolly good time. Anyway, Im no writer but I hope to put out some good content that all will enjoy 🙂

March 10, 2010

Updates and Visitors!

Hey guys!  Just to let you all know we have been live for about 4 months now and we are almost at 1500 visitors!!!  You guys rock keep coming back for more updates and please feel free to contribute to the discussions!  We have lots of exciting updates coming here in the next couple months including some new hardware and game reviews!

January 24, 2010

Let us Know…

If you guys (or girls) have any good ideas about what we should write about, let us know.  It’s nice to have suggestions from what interests you guys.  I’m thinking of posting a couple articles on how the PC came to be (like a PC history) and how games came to be incorporated into them.  Would be cool to know more about that shiz.  Let us know if you have any suggestions or would like to write a guest post, thanks and keep checking us out and don’t forget to register : )

January 5, 2010


My name is Brad, I’m an IT consultant working out of Lincoln, NE.  I’m a 24 year old guy who is married to a super hot brazillian wife who is way to good for him and a avid gamer.  I’ll play about any game on the market if I can get my hands on it.  I love working with new hardware and spending ungodly amounts of hours playing games.  Oddly enough my wife has no interest in video games at all.  But the great thing is that she is really supportitive of the things I like to do and encourages me to do them I can’t ask for much more then that.  I have been playing games for years ever since I got my first green screen computer I was trying to play games.  I’ve worked in game development and game editing.  I’ve worked on games such as Xwing Vs Tie Fighter, Star Wars: Rebellion *I helped develop RebEd* and other untitled projects 😛  Over the past decade I have collected hundreds of games.

If I could spend all day playing video games and get paid for it I would.  However I do not have that luxury.  I spend many hours on IGN, Newegg, Gamespot, Toms Hardware finding out as much as I can about future releases and any developments on current games, hardware and electronics. During my spare time I *you guessed it* like to play games.  And thats not limited to just video games I do have a life outside of the computer unlike my counter part below 🙂  I think my passion is just for games, I enjoy the challange, excitement and competetion that games bring out in people.  I play any type of game weather it be virtual, board or card games.  I love em all.  I also play floor hockey at the local school that I graduated from.  I watch about all major sports with the execption of Basketball and Baseball.

January 5, 2010


Hi, my name is.  Hi, my name is.  Hi, my name is chica chica slim . . . Adam.  I wrote an article from the top 8 of 2009 stating that Inglorious Basterds was one of the best movies of 2009, and I use the name Death Proof partly because I am a fan of Quentin Tarantino, who wrote, directed and produced Death Proof (not my favorite Tarantino film but decent) and since the name is sweet I use it as my gamer tag in online gaming and for my name within our site here.  I have dual citizenship from the US and Canada (sweet deal) and am a US Army veteran, 25 years old and am damn glad the VA paid for my school otherwise I would not have gone to college at all.

Hi my name is Adam and I’m a gamer.  Sometimes this is an addiction that I should be going to AA for, but in reality it’s probably the thing that I have enjoyed doing in my life more than anything else that I can remember (don’t tell my wife, or if your reading I love U and its not a secret, why would I hide that (nervous laugh)).  So basically gaming is something I can remember doing since I was, uhhh lets see, like around 10, I guess, playing the original Nintendo and Duke Nukem on da computer.  So for 3/5th of my life or 60% of my time here on earth I have been looking out for the next cool game to keep me entertained, and am I ashamed, no.  Because this is America, and we do what we can to keep ourselves entertained and video games do a helluva job doing just that.  So I believe unless there is a nuclear holocaust many future generations of games will continue to be breed and older gamers will keep getting their rocks off blowing someone else’s socks off.  Well I think we all learned a little something today, hope you enjoy our blog and keep posting : )

December 31, 2009

Number 1 — TheGamersBlog.net

And the number 1 coolest tech/gaming thing of 2009 is . . . US !!!  This is a given : )  Thanks for checking us out, be sure to register and leave us ur comments.  Have a good holiday season and Happy New Year, and don’t drink and game, Noobs r the only victims.

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