June 27, 2011

Sound The Alarm

Hey guys I have a friend who also has a nerd site. His name is Adam and he does up the geekness over at http://stashow.net/. Sound The Alarm brings you news in gaming and other fun things as well. They also do weekly podcasts chatting about anything going on in gaming, sports, or random stuff around the house. They just hit the 25th episode mark so gratz to them. So give them a checking out and tell them AceOfNades sent ya. Oh and be nice.

June 6, 2011

E3 2011 – Ubisoft

Next on the list was Ubisoft’s event. Before I start can I just say 1. just give us the info, you’re not funny and 2. hire people who speak english or make them learn it better. I can’t understand half of what you just said about Track Mania…not that I cared but I digress…Here is what Ubisoft had to offer:

Rayman Origins – This live demo showed some co-op and brought me back to the SNES and Sega days. It had a old school feeling with it’s well animated 2D side scrolling action. The game will support a 4 player co-op.

Driver San Fancisco – Nothing special unfortunatley. Driver will have a multiplayer feature though.

Farcry 3 – This actually looked decent. Got a little sneak peak of gameplay and seemed to have a mixture of stealth and regualr cap busting. The dialog was a bit rough because they censors had a field day with the “beep” button.

Brothers in Arms: Furious Four – 2012  – This is another squad based shooter set in WW2. A mixture of funny characters and over the top style action and humor may make this game one of the better BiA titles.

Adventures of  TinTin – Adventure style game….they didn’t have much to say honestly. Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg just talked about how good it was. Other than that I don’t really know much.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – Showed off some great looking gameplay. Showed the 4 player co-op on a mission to secure a VIP. It had good graphics and really smooth movement and shooting. It looked like a blast to me.

Ghost Recon Online – This will be a free to play PC game. It will also support the achievements you earn in Future Soldier

Track Mania 2 – This is part of Mania Planet which is a hub for other online games for PC. Basically it’s Mod Nation Racers with realism.

Raving Rabbids – Kinect – Nov 8 – The party game comes to Kinect…..wooo……

Just Dance 3 – Oct 2011 – This is wear I took a restroom break…..

Rocksmith – Oct 2011 – Yet another Rock Band/ Guitar Hero -ish game. Rocksmith is supposed to be more realistic than the other guitar games out there as well as being able to teach you how to play real guitar….we’ll see

Assassins Creed Revelations – Nov 2011 – First they showed a cinematic trailer which was great then they gave us a look at gameplay. The cut scenes looked nice but the graphics don’t look much different then the last one. We did get a chance to see a smoke bomb in action with the combination of eagle vision to take out three enemies. Then we saw Ezio running through a crazy course of burning/ exploding ships in the harbor. Looked pretty good.

I didn’t think Ubisoft had that strong of a lineup outside of Assassins Creed and Ghost Recon, but we will just have to see how it pans out.

May 4, 2011

New Price Point for Wii

We have all noticed the Wii slipping in sales over the years and the whole motion control gimick has been surpassed by Xbox’s Kinect as well as Playstations Move. To combat this Nintendo announce a price drop. This will be the consoles second price drop since its release in 2006. The first drop was from 249.99 to 199.99. Now the Wii will retail for 149.99. To add incentive to the offer the Wii will come with Mario Kart and the racing wheel accessory. Also Nintendo will release some 20 dollar games such as The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Animal Crossing: City Folk, Mario Super Sluggers and Wii Sports.

Now this is all good and fine but rumor around the industry is that Nintendo will unveil a new console at E3 only a month a way. Will consumers really want to go out and buy a cheaper Wii or wait and see what Nintendo has to offer next? I am not sure many will care to buy a system that will be out done in a month.

September 25, 2010

The Names Bond, James Bond

It appears bond is set to return in a remake of ever popular Goldeneye 64.   This is great news indeed for those waiting for a new bond game and those waiting for a shooter for the WII.   The plethora of James Bond games since Goldeneye 64 have been disappointing at best so one might wonder what one should expect for this WII exclusive release

Unlike the it’s predecessor it will not be developed by Rare and Nintendo instead it is being developed by a Eurocom and Activision.  Having Activision involved in the mix may scare some people but this shouldn’t automatically discredit the game.  Activison and Eurocom can and do make good games. 

It appears all the original weapons are set to return including the Klobb which has apparently now been renamed as the Klebb and the game is supposed to contain most if not all of the original levels that it’s predacessor had.   While it is supposed to have all the original levels the developer has said that the levels will not be rehashes of the originals and that several changes have been made.

Multiplayer is presented in four-player splitscreen or eight-player online, with an experience points system that unlocks perks and this tends to be consistent with how Activison creates multiplayer games now days. Maps will be drawn from familiar locations, but the layouts will be changed from the way they were in the Nintendo 64 version.  You will be able to use both the motion sensor to play the game or you can play the old fashioned way.

This remake has me intrigued but I have the uneasy feeling that this game is going to be a simple rehash of the original  with a few changes that make it different enough justify it but similar enough that it won’t require much in the way of creative process.  However, I have been wrong before and I hope I am in this case as Goldeneye 64 and the James Bond Franchise are one of my old time favorites.  Here’s to hoping that Goldeneye WII is a remake the does the original Justice. 

July 29, 2010

Jimmy Fallon sets Gaming Record

So as I always do when I am up late, I usually leave the late night talk shows on TV while I am playing Eve Online, World of Warcraft, or recently Starcraft 2. However on this evening Late Night with Jimmy Fallon caught my eye. Every so often Fallon does a bit on his show where he attempts to break or create world records. Usually they are silly and are ideas no one has thought of or attempted before. Well as an official record, Jimmy Fallon has played the most different gaming consoles in 60 seconds. They rolled out a long table with 10 consoles on them. They consisted of Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Super Ninteno, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, Playstation, Playstation 2,  Xbox, Playstation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360. All consoles were on and loaded with game classics ranging from Legend of Zelda to Crazy Taxi to Tomb Raider to Halo. All Jimmy had to do was basically move a little in each game for the record to count. He was doing great up until the Wii. Apparently he couldn’t get the sensor to pick up the Wii-mote quick enough causing him to spend precious seconds trying to get it to work. He eventually gave up on the Wii and moved to the 360, which was the last console, but the time wasted on the Wii made him run out of time before anything could be done on the 360. So as the record stands Jimmy Fallon has played 9 different consoles in 60 seconds. Gratz to Jimmy, but I am sure in the next few days someone will have a video on youtube beating the record.

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