Xbox Live Arcade

March 25, 2011

Full House Poker Raises the Stakes on Avatar Games

Well Full House Poker is in full swing after being released this week on Xbox Live. Now I was a big fan of 1 vs. 100, so I had high hopes for this and I believed it delivered. Full House Poker is a single and multiplayer poker game that allows you to use your Xbox Live avatar at the tables. Now of course with single player you play the CPU and build up a bank roll playing either standard games or tournaments. Along the way you earn XP and rewards such as outfits, poker room chairs, playing cards, and other poker items. When you make a custom game you can select from the different unlocks to make your very own poker room.

Now Full House Poker really shines in multiplayer. You can choose to play at a single table for a while or join a tourament with up to 29 other players. Tournaments have buy-ins and pay outs that go into (or in some cases out of) your bank roll. Each table consists of 10 seats, so you can get a lot of friends to play at once. With different game types and plenty of room customization you always see something new.

 One fun feature seen a lot online is the chip tricks and timid or aggressive play. While sitting at the table your avatar can perform chip tricks that you unlock along the way. Wether its fliping a chip on your fingers or spinning a chip on one finger, it adds a little fun to the game. Also while playing you can choose to call, fold, or raise timidly as well as aggressivly. Again its just another fun wrinkle in the gameplay.

 Another cool thing about this game is Full House Poker is one of a few games playable from the Windows phone. You can log on your Xbox account and start playing just like from home.

I enjoy playing games from the Xbox Live Arcade and I love poker so this was a win, win for me. There is plenty they can build from this and I think Full House Poker has a bright future ahead. So I will see you at the tables, I will be the guy in the ghostbuster outfit taking all your money.

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