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Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall — Now Available

Dishonored DLC image

Take on the role of Daud, the leg­endary assas­sin who killed the Empress. This sec­ond add-on pack for the award-winning first per­son action game from Arkane Stu­dios gives you a new per­spec­tive on Daud, and access to his weapons, gad­gets, allies and super­nat­ural abil­i­ties.

Penguin United Xbox 360 Keyboard Mouse Converter

Old habits die hard and one hard­est ones for me to attempt to ditch in an attempt to play with some of my XBL brethren was the Key­board and Mouse setup that I’ve become accus­tomed to on the PC over the past 17 years.

Some of you may be ask­ing “Why would you lower your­self to play­ing games like Bat­tle­field 3 on a con­sole when you can play it on a PC at five times the visu­als and speed?” the answer to that ques­tion is… I have friends who refuse to con­vert.  So in attempt to keep those friend­ships intact I’ve pur­chased games that I nor­mally wouldn’t pur­chase on sys­tems I nor­mally wouldn’t play.  Pri­mar­ily Bat­tle­field 3(which I love) and Call of Duty: Black Ops II (which I can’t stand).

Obvi­ously my biggest com­plaint with con­soles is the lack of KB/M sup­port and forc­ing me to play with, what I con­sider to be, an infe­rior con­trol inter­face.  I gave it a good attempt on Bat­tle­field 3 and the best scores, on rush, that I could come up with where 5/18 or around that on a fairly con­sis­tent basis and I would place last if not close to last every other game.  I gave this a go for about a month before I finally got fed up and started to look for a solu­tion that would allow my old school gam­ing habits to func­tion on ‘mod­ern’ gam­ing consoles.

The solu­tion came in the form of Pen­guin United’s Eagle-Eye Key­board and Mouse Con­verter.  I decided to pick this up after I looked around the net for a solu­tion and hon­estly when one of my friends *Xbox fantatic* told me to buy it.

So is it any good?  In short… yes but it does have some draw­backs.  Let’s start with the negatives:

The Bad:

This was con­fus­ing to con­fig­ure even for an expe­ri­enced Sys­tem Archi­tect like myself.  I even­tu­ally fig­ured it out but it did take me about 6 hours from the moment I bought it to the point where I was play­ing.  There were sev­eral things about it that were hard to fig­ure out but once I got it was smooth sail­ing from then one.  The biggest com­plaints I had were this:

You have to have a wired Xbox *offi­cial* con­troller oth­er­wise you won’t be able to get the Eagle­Eye to sync with your Xbox.  Yes you have to plug in the wired con­troller into your con­verter every time you start your xbox and con­nect it.  Con­nect­ing it, from what I can deduce, allows it to steal the licens­ing from the con­troller and emu­late it on the con­troller.  Once it’s con­nected you’ll be fine until the next time you turn off your Xbox 360.

Sen­si­tiv­ity can be annoy­ing.  I’m used to high sen­si­tiv­ity on the PC and on the con­sole I was forced to pump the sen­si­tiv­ity all the way up to get it to the point where I could be com­pet­i­tive in games.  It’s still not what I would like but it’s far bet­ter than the alternative.

This com­plaint is spe­cific to Bat­tle­field 3 so I can­not speak to other games as the only two games I’ve played with this are Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Bat­tle­field 3.  It’s hard to use any vehi­cles out­side of the tank and even then it can be a chal­lenge as it is VERY slow to turn tur­rets.  It’s hard to explain until you’ve used it but once you have you’ll under­stand.  Don’t even try fly­ing a jet or a helicopter.

Finally the last com­plaint I had is hav­ing the right hard­ware.  This device only func­tions with spe­cific hard­ware.  Do your­self a favor and do your research before you pur­chase this and pur­chase it with the proper Key­board and Mouse combo.  I’ll do an arti­cle later on show­ing what I did to make it work.

The Good:

While there are… what some would con­sider a lot of neg­a­tives, there are a good num­ber of pos­i­tives as well, espe­cially once you get every­thing con­fig­ured the way you like it.

The biggest ques­tion is will this mak­ing play­ing an FPS on a con­sole bet­ter?  Yes it will and by a good mar­gin.  Yes graph­ics will still suck like they always do on con­soles but at least from a con­trols per­spec­tive things will be much bet­ter.  I went from being 5/18 and near last on the team play­ing rush to going 35/5 on a fairly con­sis­tent basis and get­ting MVP 1 –3.  You can tell right off the bat that you have a pretty big advan­tage from other play­ers by just the nature of con­trols.  Hav­ing said all that BF3 and COD: BO II don’t play the same on Xbox as they do on PC, they are much slower.

Eagle­Eye comes with some pretty slick con­troller soft­ware.  It allows you to fully cus­tomize your keys on your con­troller to their key­board and mouse equiv­a­lents.  Yes there are some that can’t trans­late over quite the way I’d like but it’s still much bet­ter than using a con­troller.  The biggest part is just mem­o­riz­ing what those are as you’ll still have to mem­o­rize what keys you’ve mapped to what con­troller but­tons.  You’ll need to know these for nav­i­gat­ing menus and such.  Once you’ve mem­o­rized those it’s smooth as butter.


Would I rec­om­mend this?  Yes… once you get past some of the quirks with go along with this prod­uct it’s a pretty slick prod­uct.  When you finally get it func­tion­ing it works really well aside from hav­ing to ini­tial­ize it every time I start my Xbox.  Hav­ing said that it’s a price I’ll gladly pay to not have to deal with clumsy con­trols.  While this prod­uct does need some improve­ments in the form of ease of use it still gets TGB’s stamp of approval.  Any­one else had expe­ri­ence with this prod­uct?  What did you think?

You can check out Pen­guin Unit­eds site here.  If you’d like to pur­chase it you can buy it at here. You can also pur­chase a PS3 version.


New game arrivals in the next 3 months

Bioshock Infi­nite

The third install­ment in the Bioshock series is a first per­son shooter set in 1912. Play­ers assume the role of for­mer Pinker­ton agent Booker DeWitt on a res­cue mis­sion to save a young woman named Eliz­a­beth. Dur­ing their escape, Booker and Eliz­a­beth form a pow­er­ful bond — together they fight their way through a sto­ry­line packed with twists and turns.

Plat­forms: PC, PlaySta­tion 3, Xbox 360
Release: 26th March 2013


Defi­ance is a science-fiction MMO shooter from Trion Worlds. Play­ers are enlisted as Ark Hunters to travel to the San Fran­cisco Bay Area in search of advanced alien tech­nol­ogy after a mas­sive world-wide event led to the the fall of plant and ani­mal species and the rise to new species. Futher­more, sev­eral alien species came to Earth which led to war, fur­ther dev­as­tat­ing the planet.

Plat­forms: PC, PlaySta­tion 3, Xbox 360
Release: 2nd April 2013

Star Trek

This is a third-person action-adventure game, devel­oped by Dig­i­tal Extremes and co-published by Namco Bandai Games and Para­mount Pic­tures. Play­ers can assume either the role of Cap­tain Kirk or Spock, the two char­ac­ters are intended to show dif­fer­ent game­play tech­niques, with Kirk being the more typ­i­cal shooter while Spock has stealth tech­niques — but each are armed with weapons to reflect their game­play style.

Plat­forms: PC, PlaySta­tion 3, Xbox 360
Release: 26th April 2013

Grid 2

A rac­ing video game devel­oped by Code­mas­ters, Grid 2 is the sequel to Race Dri­ver: Grid. It includes real world loca­tions such as Abu Dhabi, Paris and US states to name a few and lets you choose cars span­ning four decades. Check out the trailer below, there are some seri­ously sexy rides going on.

Plat­forms: PC, PlaySta­tion 3, Xbox 360
Release: 31st May 2013

Elite Services for CoD Black Ops 2 will be Free

Activi­sion Bliz­zard have announced that the Call of Duty Elite Ser­vices for Call of Duty: Black Ops II will be made free. Activi­sion Pub­lish­ing CEO, Eric Hir­sh­berg said in a state­ment “What we have real­ized is that sev­eral of the Call of Duty Elite ser­vices which are cur­rently only avail­able to our pre­mium mem­bers for Call of Duty®: Mod­ern War­fare® 3 are things that would fur­ther unite, engage and delight our player com­mu­nity. So we are going to make them free for Call of Duty: Black Ops II.”

As a free ser­vice for Call of Duty: Black Ops II, the Call of Duty Elite plat­form includes new and enhanced fea­tures such as:

Player HQ
Clan HQ
Zom­bies Sup­port
Call of Duty Elite TV
Social Shar­ing and Notifications

The world­wide launch is set to be the 13th Novem­ber 2012 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Fans can find more infor­ma­tion at, on face­book at or on Twit­ter by fol­low­ing @Treyarch.

Risen 2: Dark Waters Giveaway

To coin­cide with our inter­view with Björn Pankratz, Project Direc­tor at Piranha Bytes, our friends at Koch Media have given us 5 Xbox and PS3 promo copies of Risen 2: Dark Waters to giveaway!

Now you’ve earned com­mand of your very own pirate ship, the ques­tion is, what are you going to call her? All you have to do is tell us what you would call your pirate ship in the com­ments sec­tion below. Win­ners will be announced on Wednes­day 31st Octo­ber. Won a prize from us before? No prob­lem! You can play and win as many times as you like! To qual­ify for the con­test do the following:

1. Reg­is­ter for an account (if you’ve already done so go to step 2)

2. Like us on Face­book (if you’ve already done so go to step 3)

3. Tell us your pirate ship name and your pre­ferred plat­form, Xbox or PS3

That’s it! You’ve qualified!

Good luck and game on!


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