August 21, 2011

Team Na’Vi Wins Dota 2 International, Charcoal Buys Camcorder

This morning, Team NaVi squared off against EHOME in the Dota 2 International Finals, and took home the grand prize of $1,000,000. The team, based in the Ukraine, had an almost flawless victory, dominating the Winner’s Bracket and only losing one round in the Championship Finals, which were 3/5.  EHOME, from China, came in second, bringing home $250,000.

Now that fans are good and hungry to get their hands on Dota 2, they have announced that the public beta will be available in just a few weeks. I’ve thrown my hat into the ring to take a crack at the beta, and I’ll be sure to let you all know everything I can tell you if and when I get my chance.

On a completely different note, you all may or may not be wondering (probably not, but that isn’t stopping me) where I’ve vanished off to. I’ve just spent my first week at college, and as such am pretty busy. However, I’ve spent plenty of my “busy”  on preparing to bring something completely new to TheGamersBlog- Video Reviews. I’ve been pulling together all sorts of equipment, writing out scripts, and attempting to get quality footage. I’m hesitant to say at this point, but I think you can probably expect the first video to be released some time next weekend. I’ll get back with you all as soon as possible!

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