December 16, 2009

The Effects of Crappy Games

TurningPointWe’ve all been there…   reading up reviews on this game for years now, waiting in anticipation of this title.  You’ve pre-ordered it 3 years in advance, dumped your girlfriend, quit your job and moved in with your parents so you could sit down and play this game with no interruptions.   You finally get the the game and run home to install it and hop on the computer to read the review only to find out it is the most abysmal game that has ever been made.  The graphics are horrible, the voice acting is attrocious, the sounds are cheesy, the game is buggy, terrible multilayer that only has one mode of play.  In fear, you startup the game only to realize the the reviews of the game are wrong.  Instead the game is 10 times worse then the reviews made it out to be.  After spending $70.00 on the collectors edition you feel obligated to play through the game.  You try and try but cannot make it even half way through the game without going insane, so in tears you uninstall the game and move back out of your parents house.

This has been a fairly common trend lately as a slew of games have been released that should have been gems but turned out to be horrible.  Some recent ones that come to mind are Starship Troopers, Space Siege, 007:Nightfire and Turning Point: Fall of Liberty.  Personally I feel if i am going to be spending 50+ dollars on a game it better be damn good.  I unfortunately purchased Turning Point: Fall of Liberty for 39.99 on sale.  I played half way through it before I finally couldn’t play anymore.  I will chalk that one up to experience to never buying a game before I sample the demo, find a good review or see one of my friends playing it.  One of the primary reasons we wanted to start this blog was to help people avoid this very situation.

Do you guys feel that bad games make you more wary of purchasing a title? I know I personally will never buy a title anymore unless it’s a) From Bioware or b) Been reviewed.  I consider releasing a faulty product the same as releasing scam software.  The developer is duping you into buying a product that doesn’t do what it says it’s going to do, and for games that is… entertain.  I have no problem paying 50.00 for a title.  I spent  $70.00 on Dragon Age: Origins and I loved every damn minute of it, and for the time I spent playing it *around 50 hours* it was quite a bargain.   So the question I pose is should developers be held responsible for releasing unfinished products?  Have you ever been duped into buying a game you thought was going to rock but sucked so bad you turned it a $50.00 coaster?


  1. PimpmasterF - December 18, 2009 8:54 am

    Ah yes, good ol turning point in all its horiffic unstasifying atrocious glory. A friend once tried to pawn this game off on me,(you know who you are)the cheeky bastard. And another one to watch out for is Rise of the Argonaughts, I bought the PC version which turned out to be nothing more than a cheap and badly done console to PC port. It may have been good on the 360 or PS3 but for the PC it was just a cheap after thought to make more money. And it saddens me that there seem to fewer and fewer demos being release these days. It seems to me that developers are getting lazy and self rightous.

  2. DeathProof - December 17, 2009 11:16 am

    Yea for sure it sucks when u get ur hands on an antipicated title, and find out that its worse than watching a 2 hour long chick flick that makes no attempt at humor at all : ( But the advantage is like u said, hopefully not making the same mistake 2x. To avoid another waste of time and money, read reviews, or see what others are saying. But this means holding back animalistic urges to pre-purchase or to rush off to the store right as the title hits the shelves, for alot of ppl, this is asking too much.


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