February 13, 2012

The great things you can get from Club Nintendo

If you are a avid Nintendo fan then you may already know about Club Nintendo, if not then take this as a gate to some really great stuff just by buying Nintendo’s great games. Club Nintendo is a loyalty program Nintendo has been doing for years. Never really paying much attention to the inserts that came with Nintendo published products, I took a glance when I picked up Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land and behind the instruction booklet was  a small flyer for Club Nintendo and a code to register the game. So I took the time to register the games and soon I found myself registering my Wii, 3DS (which was also available for an extended warranty) and all the Nintendo games I could find with a Club Nintendo voucher inside. With the consoles and games I hit Platinum status and was able to get a free DSIware game, these beauties below and still have plenty of coins left over. It is one of the best reward programs out there and I strongly recommend checking it out. The poster set that I am showing below was a limited run I ordered mine back in late December and they finally arrived today due to back order. Club Nintendo is full of some truly unique items that can’t be found any where else (sans Ebay).


The posters are no longer available on club Nintendo, sorry, but I did see an Ebay listing current bid was $60. There is still great stuff to be had from them, plus the great Nintendo game you bought.


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