July 26, 2012

The Hero THQ Needs Right Now – Darksiders II


THQ has been through troubling times as of late, but with this latest trailer for the upcoming Darksiders 2, there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel. The follow up to Vigil Games 2010 hit, you will control Death this time around trying to reverse the events that caused humanities extinction. Death will be voiced by Michael Wincott, Top Dollar from The Crow. James Cosmo will voice Death’s guide, Jeor Mormont of the Night’s Watch from Game of Thrones. I will miss Mark Hamill’s watcher, the voice he did for it sounded alot like the Joker from Batman TAS. That could be the reason I loved it so much. ┬áThe game keeps the unique art style of the first game and with the huge vistas, just looks fantastic. There will be more RPG and item management options this time around. The game will hit on August 14th here in NA. Check out the latest trailer for the game down below, could not be more excited about this game. Plus, the nerd studded cast is icing on what is looking to be one awesome tasting cake.



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  1. thsoundman - July 27, 2012 12:46 am

    THQ has been through hell and sadly I’ve had to suffer some of it. I really do hope this title does well for a number of reason.
    1. I really like THQ for the most part they have some franchies that i really enjoy such as Stalker and Warhammer.

    2. I own some stock in THQ. They recently did a 1 – 10 reverse stock split. I had around 100 shares and now I have 10. So I hope not only does their stock go up ten fold but that I get back some of the money I lost. Luckily I purchased it for around .45 cents a share.

    3. Finally they are one of the few game developers that I don’t hate with a seething passion. They actually treat their consumers pretty well which is a big + in my book.


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