August 30, 2011

The real MLGamer has arrived.

Hello world.

This was the basis for computer and all programing. From this evolved a dream, the ability for people to play with an environment set to their hopes, dreams, and aspirations. A way to lose ones self in an adverse reality, a way to get away from the complications of everyday life, and indeed a way to teach and learn new things. Gaming, in general this word has gotten both an ovation from its community and a snuff from those who were not fortunate enough to be involved in it at a young age.

A little bit about me; my name is Rodrick Shelton. I have been gaming since the age of 4 and have mastered most every game I have played. Since my incarnation to the world in late 1985 I felt a profound pull to everything gaming. I played the NES first and was able to beat Mario at the age of 5. I kept playing, getting more and more involved as I grew up. SNES, Playstation, N64, and most of all PC, I grew up gaming. A controller in my hand or my knuckles hovering the keyboard and mouse, it didn’t matter as long as I was tearing up and learning the intricacies of whatever universe and engine I was engaged in.

Though consoles spawned my love of games it was the PC that brought it to an entirely new level. My first PC was given to me at the age of 8 and being a technopath I wanted to know everything about it. An old no name 386 was how it began. The machine was beautiful, I was in control. I told it what to do and it did it, unlike consoles where restrictions kept me from moving to the point of my content. I began playing online with a baud modem and phone. I could MUD with the best of them, an open world ripe for the picking…. that is until Unreal was shown to me.

Unreal Gold, the re-release of the original Epic game with a new feature…. Multiplayer. I was entranced. This arena based goldmine had me hooked, from 4pm to 4am I was bleeding at the eyes learning to control everything. Learning to rocketjump, learning to dodge and pounce, learning the maps and how to predict players from around the world…. Nowhere did this lead me except into a hole as Unreal Tournament took over and had me competing for trophies, small sums of money and for the lack of fame.

From here I began doing what came naturally in that I wanted more. More variety, more openness. I looked up free games and open beta games which were few and far between at the time, but I played them. I did it all and for nothing more than to say that I had been there. I found exploits and fell into hacking the systems. This was apparent by my taking a certain companies flagship games closed servers open for a week. Since this and other achievements in the field I began receiving invitations to beta test games in a closed environment to test and find exploits.

I have seen and done quite a bit more for the gaming community as a whole then most self proclaimed gamers have including the invitation for MLG and E3. I love gaming and everything involved. I have developed games, GMed games, and been an avid beta tester for at least a decade and I look forward to bringing not only my experience but my background into the industries mechanics to the table.

I hope to be a major part of TheGamersBlog for some time to come and want to see more folks follow suit.

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  1. ScrotusKilmystr - August 31, 2011 12:28 pm

    Welcome to the crew man! looking forward to reading your stuff!


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