October 30, 2012

The Staff has rounded up our Halloween Favorites!



If Hurricane Sandy has your Halloween plans washed out (saying that you have power)* or would rather spend all hallows eve playing a game or watching a movie in the dark with the surround sound cranked to 11, then we have a list a great games for you to enjoy while downing unhealthy amounts of sugary goodness.


TattooedKitty –  Guild Wars 2: The Shadow of the Mad King

In the battle for the best MMO Halloween content, Guild Wars 2 has really pulled out all the stops this year to become my top Halloween recommendation and something is definitely stirring across Tyria. The story goes that 500 years ago a tyrannical king was slain by his long suffering people and his spirit banished to the underworld. However, for one day a year he can return to our world – yes, that day is Halloween! The Halloween content runs from the 22nd October until the 1st November and is broken up into 4 acts that gradually feed in more activities, puzzles and events and come together on Halloween for the main event. As I write this, Act 2 has already been rolled out and we have already been able to go through the haunted doors into the Mad King’s realm, as you would expect there is some great work coming out of the guys at ArenaNet and the Lunatic Inquisition battleground is definitely not to be missed. The event story lines, in-game atmosphere, puzzles, community and depth of thinking that’s gone into this content all make this the perfect game to be playing this Halloween – I’ll be there, will you?



Brad “thsoundman”

I’ve got several recommendations for the holiday.  One of them is an oldie but a goodie.  The first recommendation I have for the holiday is System Shock 2… I consider that one of the classics for horror.  Sitll gives me the creeps.  The second reccommendation I have is Resident Evil 4.  While your running through the sewers.  I still consider it one of the most terrifying moments in video game history.  Some other games that deserve honorable mention are:

Quake 4
Dead Space *I refuse to play that again because of the dead babies*!

Joe “ScrotusKilmystr”

My pick for some great creepy horror gamming on Halloween would have to be Dead Space! You play Isaac Clark, an engineer sent to perform repairs on the mining vessel Ishimura when you get there you find a derelict hulk floating in space and suddenly find yourself trying to survive the crew that has mutated into something dark, something EVIL! Great scary atmosphere, fun gameplay with something wanting to end you around every corner this game has everything you need for a Halloweenin good time!   If you’re not into action Sci-fi horror games and you are looking for something that’s paced a little different but will give that scary thrill I might also suggest the original Resident Evil! Sure the graphics are dated and the dialogue is awful but this game so very delivers the scares! Both games are great but Resident Evil might be hard to get a hold of but Dead Space should be readily available on the cheap at your local gaming store or favorite digital download site!


What I am recommending may not be the scariest or most gruesome game out there but has such a Twilight Zone feel that leaving it off this list would be a shame; Alan Wake & Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. Both games are on sale right now on Steam and the latter is on sale on XBL. Both titles have a fantastic atmosphere and I can’t help but here Futurama’s Scary Door reference every time I boot them up. Since Joe and Brad took the rest of my recommendations, there are two games out there that still creep me out, Doom 3 and Condemned: Criminal Origins. Doom 3 just released the BFG edition, which I picked up. When I got home, I turned the lights out, cranked up the volume and prepared to jump quite a bit. I know it’s a series of monster closets and cheap scares but they still get me everytime. Condemned is just creepy from the start. The first time you walk into the department store to and feel the mannequins creeping up in your peripheral vision just makes me on edge.

*We hope that everyone is safe and hope for the best to everyone that is in Hurricane Sandys path. Hopefully everyone will get to enjoy the holiday that goes bump in the night. Be safe!
*Halo Pumpkin designed and carved by Patrick Mounts, image used under permission.

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