November 18, 2012

The Wii U is here at TheGamersBlog!


After a very interesting night with Brad “thsoundman” and my brother playing Halo 4 and discussing how awful cheap beer and canned beer really are, I was up bright an early to grab the sites new shinny Wii U! I have an array of unboxing pics and wanted to bring to attention the media the games are printed on. Nintendo stated that it’s a proprietary disc format that is capable of holding 25GB of data, the same as a single layer blu-ray. Nowm now in the pictures I show the comparison between a Wii U disc and a blu-ray disc. The Wii U disc has rounded edges which is neat but weird to the touch for the first time. The other thing I noticed with the Wii U disc is the color of the information on the disc is the same as a blu-ray, it has the weird steel/purplish color to it, which begs the question; could the Wii U have a future update to play blu-ray movies? I will put my impressions up after I have had a proper chance to play some games and explore the system a bit more. Oh, and for those who are getting the console today prepare for quite a large firmware update around 5GB. Fare warning as well DO NOT power off the system during this update, other sites have reported it can brick your console. Enjoy the pics, sorry for the quality I had just my regular camera around.


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