April 5, 2013

The Wii U loses Colonial Marines, But is that a Bad Thing?


Kotaku is reporting this morning that the Wii U edition of Aliens: Colonial Marines, AKA The Biggest Let Down/flop of 2013, has officially been canceled. The Wii U entry was touted as being the definitive version of the title, yet after the horrid critical reception and selling around 700,000 retail copies across all platforms (numbers from vgchartz.com), the game was still in question. 700,000 isn’t terrible numbers, but when talking across multiple platforms, is pretty weak. Gears of War: Judgment sold 776,000 copies in one week and on one platform. In the wake of the Wii U losing yet another title, when it is in need of titles right now, I don’t see this as a bad thing. If the game had been better looking, less buggy, and upheld the promised experience, then I would have embraced it as an Aliens fan. Sega choosing to can it makes me feel that the game was the same pile of stink that was released on the other platforms two months ago. The Wii U has seen some good releases in the the past weeks in the form of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Toki Tori 2, and Lego City Undercover. I may pick up Colonial Marines when it hits the $10┬ábargain bin to try and laugh my way through it with a few friends. This shall, hopefully, be the last time we talk about this game that was better left on the shelf. I leave you with a dancing alien courtesy of YouTube user grizzl360.


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