June 30, 2011

Thought of the Week – Personal gaming space…

I am changing my blurb to Thought of the Week since we have changed the format a bit, but same deal and conversation starter. I apologize for not responding to last week’s that was posted on Saturday I will get to that, this past week has been scary and I am going personal with this week’s topic. On Sunday night I had to take my girlfriend, Holly, to the ER because of food poisoning (stay away from the country fried steak at Bob Evans) and because she is a diabetic, her blood sugar rose immensely. She had early signs of DKA which leads to a diabetic coma, but because we got her there early enough and through (surprisingly) speedy hospital service she was feeling better and was released from the hospital Tuesday morning. Monday night, when I was at home playing some Battlefield: Bad Company 2 online to get back in a normal state of mind it dawned on me, my couch was empty and I felt out of place. I have become so accustomed to having her sit next to me and either read, watch, or play the DS that in her absence, I missed sharing my experience and including her  in my passion. It just didn’t feel right, sure I was having fun gunning people down and blowing buildings and tanks up, but there was this void; I missed her. Normally, I am a very solitary person. I relish in my alone time but have always enjoyed her in my gaming space; she has become a staple for my enjoyment of games. Holly has become as important as a controller, a console, and even the software it’s self for me to thoroughly enjoy a game. I know we all have our great gaming setups whether it is a giant LCD TV, a cutting edge PC, a surround sound that will shake the neighbor’s house and cause panic, a comfortable chair or couch, an elaborate headset that broke the bank, a favorite worn down controller that you always have to use, or some sort of gaming memorabilia that fills the room with gaming goodness; mine is having her beside me. She is my muse, my enjoyment, and fills my gaming space with gamer goodness. I have book shelves full of collectible action figures, game related books, plushies, and a gigantic back catalog of games, but nothing can replace her. Now on to the comments, is there something that you like having to enjoy your games, be it something I mentioned above or something completely off the wall?


  1. ScrotusKilmystr - July 2, 2011 2:26 pm

    great article Cabbie! We all hope to find our muse to inspire us in what ever we do yours just happens to be from Memphis haha she’s a keeper dude!

  2. CharcoalCoyote - June 30, 2011 10:48 pm

    I have a number of quirks when gaming. If I am on a couch, I must be as far left as possible, and if laying down on said couch, my feet must be facing right. I cannot game cold; I can often be seen wearing a hoodie or my blue snuggie indoors when it is 90 degrees or above outside. And GOD FORBID you ever put your headset on in such a way that the microphone boom is attached to the headphone on your right ear. I’m a very left-centric person, I guess.

    As far as my specific lair goes, I always keep a musical instrument within grabbing distance. I get REALLY impatient with load times. I also have two TV’s in my game room (the gaming TV and the satellite TV are separate), and I oftentimes turn the TV to something educational (normally the Military channel) just so the room is less quiet, but not distracting.


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