July 19, 2011

Thought of the Week: More than games, building sites and communites…..

Sorry this is late but let’s get to the thought of the week for last week, this week’s will be on time. This week’s thought is in retrospect of CoD: Elite going into beta this past week. We have come to an age where games are more than just “games”. I hate the word “games” because this industry is so much more than that. These franchises that were created are digital empires, creating unique social groups that designate themselves in a much larger community all brought together under a single banner. Clan tags are our call signs and CoD, Halo, or what have you being our flag that we unify under. These communities thrive because of great support from their overlords, the developers. Bungie created Bungie.net to show personal stats, map activity in the form of heat maps, a place to share and upload pictures, videos, maps, and game variations created in Forge, and as a social site to talk all things Halo. Halo Waypoint on the 360 was developed to include some of those features and to show videos of new content and vid docs. MMO’s are living communities were constant interaction is required to keep that community going. Recently I have been giving Forza 3 more of my time (yet I have had it since its release just have not had the time to really sit down with it, DAMN YOU OUTSIDE WORLD!) but I have put time, instead of racing, into taking pictures to post on my storefront. The storefront in Forza 3 is a lot like Bungie.net features in Halo. You can upload videos, pictures; sell car designs, cars, and car set ups. The main game does something to get you involved with your storefront and the community. The feature was introduced in Forza 2, the cars you buy and acquire only resale in the game for 500CR (the games currency). No matter if you have a 350,000CR Lamborghini or a 12,000CR Chevy, they all resale for peanuts. They did this to include you in the Forza community and put the car up for sale/auction on your storefront. Bungie does something similar with community created maps (built in Forge) and inserting them into the multiplayer hopper. There are games out there that try to build communities and having great relations with players, player to player relations vary depending on the douche level of that said player (tried playing my first League of Legends game the other day and found a hard backlash for being a noob). So what games do you find as being more than a game? What communities are you a part of? Holy discussion Batman, to the comments!


All of the photos were taken by me in Halo: Reach and Forza 3.

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