January 15, 2012

THQ going belly up?


Granted this is just a rumor, I repeat a RUMOR, but reports from several industry outlets are stating that THQ may be going up for sale. Rumors have swirled that THQ has cancelled all their 2014 projects. Now if this would be a direct buy out and a merger occurred hopefully all of their properties would stay intact. This could also go the way of Midway and sell the company off piece by piece, though Midway was in a much direr situation. Darksiders 2, Guillermo Del Toro’s Insane, Tomonobu Itagaki’s Devils Third, and Metro: Last Light are rounding out their 2012-2013 major releases, not looking shabby but nothing that will score major cash flow. Despite some of THQ’s minor “cash grab” franchises there is no “EA Sports” of “Call of Duty” to fill up their worn pockets with, Homefront was targeted as that franchise and sold well, but lack of support and the closing of Kaos Studios sent the game to the sharks. This is all speculation though, THQ has not announced anything nor have they returned to comment on any of the speculation. Once we know me we will update. May the force be with you THQ.

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