February 19, 2013

THQ Shuts its doors for good

Despite THQ’s attempts to remain above water and get itself back on track and their efforts to save the company as a whole were too little too late. Last year THQ filed bankruptcy with the ultimate goal of selling the company, its studios / properties for no less than $60 million. Yet after filling chapter 11 bankruptcy, layoffs and restructuring efforts the company was unable to recover from its financial crisis, not even their AAA titles that made them popular, such as Saints Row, Darksiders, WWE and Company of Heros could save them.

THQ has sold off its studios and titles that are already in production or have a strong footing for more sequels for roughly $72mil. Below is a list of studios / titles that have found a new home and will hopefully find its way to our consoles and PC’s unscathed.

Volition / The Saints Row IP  —  Sold to Koch Media $22.3M

Relic / Company of Heros 2  —  Sold to Sega $26.6M

THQ Montreal  —  Sold to Ubisoft $2.5M

South Park: The Stick of Truth  —  Sold to Ubisoft $3.3M

Metro: Last Light  —  Sold to Koch Media $5.9M

Homefront 2  —  Sold to Crytek $500K

Evolve (by Turtle Rock Studios)  —  Sold to Take-Two Interactive $10.9M

Vigil / Darksiders IP  —  CURRENTLY UNSOLD


Unannounced game codenamed Crawler  —  CURRENTLY UNSOLD

Its disappointing that THQ was unable to pull out of the financial struggle they had been facing but at least the games we know and love, most of them anyway, have found a new home and will see their way to the gamer community. I must say I’m a little excited to see that Crytek picked up Homefront 2, I very much enjoyed the first game and Crytek has the tech and skill to make the sequel shine. Hopefully the currently unsold studios / properties will get claimed.




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  1. Jerieth - February 19, 2013 12:46 pm

    Too bad THQ went under. Ubisoft got some good game deals.


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