February 4, 2012

THQ slimming down to stay afloat

THQ is cutting basically everything but their core game lineup to try and save resources and turn a profit. Pretty much anything that doesnt stem from a big hit title or have solid potential to bring in a substantial profit is being cut, things such as their uDraw table and kids games are either being done away with or put on a back burner to bring down costs. THQ president Brian Farrell has even taken a 50% cut in pay and the past few weeks have seen many THQ employees laid off in an attempt to conserve the resource pool.

Honestly a core dynamic is something THQ has talked about before, its just too bad they didnt impliment this sooner. Had they acted sooner when problems started to arise perhaps people wouldnt be losing their jobs and THQ’s future would seem so bleak. The bright side for consumers is that the core games we have been looking forward to are for the most part on schedule. Metro Last Light has been delayed but most of the line up is expected to hit shelves near the end of fiscal year 2013 and beginning 2014. Their MMO currently in development, Dark Millenium, is still on the board but will likely face delays and possibly scrapping, THQ is currently looking for a partner to help take on the MMO to keep it in development.

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