May 24, 2012

Ticket to Ride now on Steam!

The digital version of the board game Ticket to Ride is FINALLY available on Steam after being on XBLA for nearly four years. As a HUGE fan of the actual board game, I cannot recommend this game enough. It’s a game lighthearted and fun so that people who don’t want a super serious game can play it, but it has enough long-term strategy and planning as well as the ability to disrupt your opponents’ plans so that people looking for a higher-level board game can easily enjoy it as well.   Maybe shamelessly stolen from Steam's own page...   The Steam version even has all the expansions that the actual board game received, Europe, Switzerland, and America 1910 available as separate DLC for two to four dollars. If you purchase this week before Thursday the 31st you can get the first one, Europe for absolutely free! And again, I cannot speak high enough praises to this game, so for a paltry ten bucks (compared to the forty the actual board game costs) you get a fantastic game you can play with friends and family.

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