November 22, 2011

To Skyrim and beyond

Its not secret that the world of skyrim is freakin massive. It has been discovered that the world of skyrim goes beyond its own realm and into morrowind and cyrodiil. by default these areas are unreachable but by entering in a console [~] command you can enable no clip mode which allows the player to go through walls thus bypassing the invisible barrier that surrounds the world of skyrim. Its unclear as to why these land masses were included but it would be my guess they are for DLC purposes. They are not however done like the rest of the game, they are said the be low texture recreations of morrowind and cyrodiil and I have yet to find out if there is any content, i.e. wild life, giants, monsters, dragons, people etc., in these areas. Ill make a point to travel to these areas though and report back if on what I find.

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