November 4, 2012

TODAY ONLY(!) Stationcash is tripled

If you play any of Sony Online Entertainment’s games (Planetside 2, Everquest, Everquest 2, DC Universe Online, and more) than today you have a golden opportunity. All of those games listed above, and a few more in their catalog, are free2play, meaning that you can do nearly everything for free but a lot of the fun and gameplay is held hostage behind either hours of gameplay (making your game a chore) or spending real money to unlock it. Well, luckily enough SOE has decided that for TODAY ONLY they’re going to make all Stationcash transactions worth three times as much as usual.



This deal will be done after today (November 4th, 2012) so if you intend to act upon it you’ll need to act fast. Personally I was planning on playing a ton of Planetside 2 after it officially launches, and this promotion has allowed me to fulfill my dreams of buying spacebux with realbux many days before I intended to, and three times the gain!

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