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I am a fan of fight­ing game mash ups. Mar­vel vs. Cap­com, SNK vs. Cap­com, Street Fighter X Tekken, Mega Man X Street Fighter, and my favorite Blankachu. Blankachu took two things I hold dear from my child­hood, Street Fighter and Poké­mon. What if some­one took two things they hold dear and mashed them together in poster that’s good enough for Cookie Mon­ster? You would have Matt Crane’s awe­some Kick­starter project.


Cross­ing Street Fighter and Sesame Street, the project hopes to raise $1,000 for the cre­ation of 18”X24” posters of this awe­some art­work. The project is off to a good start with already rais­ing $732 of the ask­ing $1,000. Matt started the cross­ing of these two fran­chises back in 2009 on his deviantART page with the Ernie/Ken crossover. Matt had been doing sin­gle char­ac­ter art until this Kick­starter project. The Kick­starter, depend­ing on what you con­tribute, can net you this great art­work. $20 or more nets you the 18”X24” poster of Super Sesame Street Fighter, plus a dig­i­tal art sketch book (PDF), and offi­cial wall­pa­per JPEG (1920X1200). $60 or more and you get all the above times four. $100 or more you get an orig­i­nal pen­cil draw­ing of the Super Sesame Street Fighter art signed by Matt, the poster, sketch book, and wall­pa­per. Dona­tions do start at a $1 which will get you the wall­pa­per sent to you via email. All art, from the wall­pa­per to the posters, have an esti­mated ship date of April. There is as of this writ­ing, 21 days left on the kick­starter, more than enough time to fully fund this fan­tas­tic fan art.


Matt’s art has been seen on sites such as Kotaku, Destruc­toid, and Seth killian’s Capcom-unity page. We at TheGamers­Blog, are proud to have Matt’s art­work on dis­play as well. The Telly/Zangief cross over is my favorite, I love the eyes. Head over to Matt’s deviantART page to check out the poster art, plus much more of the Super Sesame Street Fighter art. Below is a link to Matt’s Kick­starter project, and help sup­port this remark­able fan art. Rock the Asphalt has never a truer mean­ing than with this art. Thanks Matt, for shar­ing this great project with us.


Super Sesame Street Fighter Poster Kickstarter


Editor’s note – I know we have some read­ers that are not in the States; unfor­tu­nately the posters are only being shipped within the States due to cost issues. You still can donate the start­ing price of $1 and receive the JPEG wall­pa­per. More can be found about this on the Kickstarter’s page.

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