August 1, 2012

Top 10 Games That Deserve a Remake Day 2

Today’s game is a little less popular than the previous title but it’s no less important to the gaming industry because what it represented.  I should also note that this game has changed titles since it was originally released back in the late 90’s.

To have played this game you would have had to have played this game on when it was still around. for those who were not members was the only gaming website where you actually could get payed to play and get payed a lot.  This is the main reason for it’s demise by the turn of the century.

10/Six or now known as Project Visitor was Segas first attempt at an MMO and if memory serves it was the first MMO and it was exclusive to  It was also the first game to boast “a million players” although it never actually reached that mark.

The Game:

I can safely say that there has not been nor is there any game out today that is like Project Visitor.  It, for lack of words, is basically a combination of Counter-Strike and Command and Conquer all mixed into one with highly customizeable vehicles and weapons that you would think came out of Call of Duty.  Each player is given a single camp or base to start and can build up to 200 camps and can build Army’s of rovers to go attack other players camp and take them over.

Project Visitor is also a persistent game world so anything that you build once you pass a certain level can be attacked and taken from you at any time whether you are online or not.  You can also join a Mutual Defense Network (MDN) and team up with 20 other players against other rival corporations.  The game is broken up into 4 corporations all with their own unique vehicles, weapons and buildings.

Why We Love It:

It should be noted that this game is still live and you can still play it.  It’s one of the longest running MMO’s on the market today.  It was resurrected and maintained by one of the original developers since Sega said they were going to scrap it.

Project Visitor shines in one major area and I’ve yet to see a game that has topped it either visually or teamplay wise and that is combat.  Twenty figthers with full armies can enter into one camp and it can make for some very intense combat and some thrilling visuals.  Additionally watching your camps defenses light up as your base is getting attacked or attacking an enemy base is thrilling.  It’s also very exciting to watch your armies go head to head with anothers and decimating them.  Project Visitor has created a lot of friendships and rivalries that have lasted not only within the game but moved out as well.  Project Visitor is one of the only games I know of outside of EVE Online that your actual actions and behavior will determine how you are treated within the game.  If you are a jerk to people are very likely to get attacked frequently and very little mercy will be shown to you.

Project Visitor is one of the few games out there that you can actually lose everything.  You can lose all your camps while you are offline and you can lose your main.  Additionally ‘you keep what you kill’ in PV, every building and vehicle you kill will disintegrate into it’s base parts which you can pick up and take with you.

Why It Deserves a Remake:

Project Visitor is a good game and there is a strong community behind the game but it is hard to argue that it does need some strong advertising to keep it going strong and that is one of the benefits it had when it was being developed and managed by Sega.

It’s also is running on it’s original graphics engine for the 90’s.  Just thinking about what a modern graphics engine could do with the game and the visuals that could be seen on it makes me want to sub back up and start playing again.  Check out some of the pictures and videos below to get an idea about how the game plays.  There really isn’t anything else like it.

Will It Happen:

That’s really up in the air at this point.  The game is a proven solid concept that does work and it also has a strong community behind it all it really needs is either a large financial backing or a solid team of developers willing to revamp the game engine.  Anyone whose done any game development knows that isn’t an easy task and would basically require a rebuilding of the game from the ground up.  That’s a tall order unless you have dedicated staff working on it round the clock.

I know PV is a smaller game but has anyone here had the chance to play it?  What were your thoughts?

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