August 2, 2012

Top 10 games that deserve a remake Day 3


Today’s game is a little known gem from Capcom’s heyday, Power Stone. The game released in arcades and the ported to the Dreamcast which where I found this great fighter. Power Stone enjoyed a sequel that expanded the character roster and the amount of players per round but nothing can compare to the tight destructive arenas and the first time you collected all three gem’s to turn your fighter into something special. This brawler never saw a game past the Dreamcast with the exception of a collection of the two games on the PSP. This was a huge seller for me when my brothers and purchased a Dreamcast back in 2000 and I still proudly own the system and both Power Stone titles.


The game:

It as a brawler set in a weird steam punk like universe. You had a wide range of characters; a fighter pilot, an Native American, a samurai, a gypsy, an Asian that goes super saiyan when the three gems are collected. The maps are large, yet claustrophobic due to the amount of breakable objects in the arenas. It was a unique, open mapped, fighter that didn’t hinder your range of motion; it felt like Smash Brothers but not restricted to a 2D plane.


Why We Love it:

It was unique at a time when 2D fighters will still the rage and 3D fighters outside of the up and coming Soul Calibur really hadn’t taken off yet. The love of the chase to hunt down the gems when they appeared to release each characters ultra mode was one of the high points. You could often end a match fighting over the last gem and not even using the super attack. It had that Capcom charm that they lost during this generation, very odd but very likable. It was along a great list of games that sadly never made it off the ailing console, except for a PSP collection. The game really needs to just be played to express the fun and chaos that can occur.


Why it deserves a remake:

In a time when there are modern FPS’s flooding the market, something as great and diverse as Power Stone would be a blessing. I am not sure how well it would work on the “modern gamer”, it is a bit obscure and those types of games normally do not sell well on the modern market. While we have everyone making 2D fighters an obscure open map brawler could change things up from getting stale. It would be a breath of fresh air for the fighting genre and Capcom as well.


Will it happen:

Not likely, this truly is sad. Capcom has now focused more on tournament fighters such as Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom, and other crossovers a fun 3D fighter just doesn’t seem in the mix. On top of that with the likes of Mega Man Legends 3 being canned anything from Capcom of yesteryear seems doomed. If you would like to check it out there are Dreamcast copies to be had on Amazon but can be pricey. A used copy starts at around 25 bucks and Power Stone 2 tops 40 bucks for a used copy. The PSP collection is running about 11 bucks for the UMD. It would really be nice to see some obscure originality in the fighting genre and the industry again.



The video is from the Power Stone Collection on the PSP, it shows off both Power Stone and Power Stone 2.



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