September 27, 2013

Valve Announces the Steam Controller


Valve will be finally making a dedicated PC controller in the form of the Steam Controller. The controller having a concave, symmetrical look seems to be missing something dedicated controller people are used to, analog sticks. There are two touch pads with new Haptic feedback that replace the analog sticks. There is a small touch screen in the center that you can bind certain actions to, and the controller will be hackable. The controller being hackable allows the community to come up with new ways of controlling games. While the controller has some interesting features and a unique layout, there are a few things keeping me from being on board. First is the analog sticks. Mouse and keyboard have the precision, but there is something immersive about the analog stick that I can’t get from a keyboard and mouse, there is just that physical resistance that does something for me. Second is the button layout. If you want to use this for games like Arkham City or any game that requires two button inputs is going to be a stretch. There are a few other issues I have, but will hold judgement until I get a hands on with the controller and can make a better judgement. There will be a beta for the controller which you can sign up for here and get more information on the controller and its features.

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