July 14, 2011

Video Awesomeness!

I’m going to try and bring something a little different to the site by show casing some great trailers and videos of existing and upcoming games across all platforms. Here’s my first…..

Deus Ex began as one of the first games to combine the genres of RPG and First-Person Shooters into a single game back in 2000 being listed as one of the best games of all time here’s a trailer:

After the success of Deus Ex a sequel named: Deus EX: Invisible War was released and pretty much tanked compared to the success of the first, here’s the trailer:

Now we have Deus EX: Human Revolution a PREquel to Deus Ex using (I hope) all the awesomeness that made the original so great! Let’s hope it can live up to the pedigree of the first and not crash and burns like the sequel! Here are some of the cinematic and gameplay trailers:

I’m hoping this will give the Mass Effect series some competition just because they’re two great storylines using the same type of gaming style. We’ll see if Human revolution can live up to the challenge!

Here’s one more just because!:

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