September 30, 2011

Video Awesomeness: Battlefield Edition


To kick off the open Beta for the highly anticipated release (BY ME!) of Battlefield 3, I thought it would be cool to visit the Lineage that the Battlefield series has brought to the gaming community from PC to console this is a strategic thinking man’s shooter! So instead of me rambling on about the past here’s Adam Sessler (one of the only good things G4 TV has to offer). He basically sums up the series through Battlefield 1943 in three minutes:

When Battlefield: Bad Company came along I totally got into the series (sorry PC guys Dice mussed up not putting this one out for you!) The story was a modern day version of Kelly’s Heroes, one of my favorite World War II movies from back in the day, which added comedy and an entertaining campaign to this almost exclusive Multiplayer only series adding to its allure.
When Battlefield: Bad Company 2 released you could tell Dice was listening (as always) and released BC2 on ALL platforms with better controls leading to an even more amazing multiplayer experience!

Oh did I forget….FROSTBITE and DISTRUCTION 2.0 this is the engine that brought us destructible environments!

I know there is so much in the Battlefield series that I didn’t point out, but we’re here for some Battlefield 3! Now I had early access to the beta on the Xbox (if you bought MOH Limited Ed. you should have been there too) and for all its short comings (I’m in total belief that EA gave us the Alpha just to shut us up!) this is going to be a great addition to the franchise. That being said looks like Dice has made up a campaign that might be as good as the multiplayer end…..
Here’s some of the story that you will experience:

Yes there are vehicles!….

I can’t believe this is off the Xbox!…

Now that we’ve seen the campaign, how about some multiplayer being that we all will be losing sleep at the end of October! There will be 24 players on the consoles and 64 for the PC! Ground as well as Air yes there will be jets!!!!!! The combat looks intense as ever so b e ready to drop so time into Battlefield 3!


Pixel Enemy had some exclusive extended footage from the demo above, here it is!


You know if ya got 99 problems……play BF3! See you all on the Battlefield I’ll be the one arming the M-COM!

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