March 2, 2012

Video Awesomeness: Mass Effect 3 Edition




Back In November of 2007 for the Xbox 360 and the summer of 2008 for the PCs Commander Shepard and crew came into our lives to save all of humanity from certain death at the hands of  Saren Arterius a  rouge Specter and his Geth minions or so it would seem….


Developed by Bioware and published by Microsoft this action RPG shooter has an amazing story and game play elements made great by Bioware’s earlier masterpiece: Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic. Mass Effect takes Commander Shepard across the known universe to try and stop Saren and the Geth from destroying every intelligent race in existence! Check out this mazing trailer that helped to launch the series:


In January of 2010 Mass Effect 2 was released with refined gameplay and the ability to port your Shepard character from Mass Effect into Mass Effect 2 adding a new level of continuity to the story because the decisions made in M.E. 1 affected the story of M.E. 2.


In Mass Effect 2 the Normandy is on patrol on the outskirts of the galaxy when it is attacked by an unknown enemy and Commander Shepard is “killed” and then resurrected by Cerberus a human supremacist organization led by the Illusive Man. When Shepard is revived you are thrown back into a race to stop the “Collectors” from abducting humans for reasons unknown! Check out the launch Trailer for Mass Effect 2:

Now we come to mass Effect 3 with the release of the demo last week it looks like the Epic-ness of this final installment will over-shadow the first two games in this already impressive series! With the war being brought to Earth’s doorstep, Commander Shepard is the only one who can stop the impending doom of the entire human race.  Here’s the debut trailer from last year. Note the release date is wrong because M.E. 3 was pushed back:


Now with this installment the Mass Effect series gets its first multiplayer co-op experience. Much like Gears of War’s Horde mode this Co-op experience in no joke the A.I. is insanely intelligent with the ability to flank and use tactics to destroy every member of your team but you have many options for soldier type and load outs including many of the races and abilities from the campaign. You can also earn credits for achieving objectives while playing that can be used to purchase packs that have power ups, weapons, special ammo, and new load out options to unlock. Here’s the multiplayer trailer that gives us a small look:

Now If that didn’t get you psyched, then maybe a deeper look into the story with this amazing  full cinematic  trailer that will tug your heart strings and give you the courage to fight for the Human race! Enjoy…




If you’re still on the ropes and need more convincing that this will be game of the year this trailer was just released:



I have to add this final trailer simply because all major games are making epic live action trailers to promote their releases and Mass Effect is no different. Now this is no Halo series live action trailer but still epic in its own right. Check it out:

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  1. mass effect 3 miranda - March 24, 2012 4:59 pm

    I understand that making a game that is custom tailored to the player is a difficult, technical task but this is how they marketed the game. I remember feeling that my ME1 decisions, with the exception of Wrex, didn’t really have an impact on ME2 except for a few casual encounters with Conrad or an Asari communicating on behalf of the Rachni Queen. I really felt like I would feel the heavy weight of my major decisions from ALL three titles. Instead, there were many times when it felt like “Oh yeah, I remember doing that.” The only decisions that seemed to carry sufficient weight were ones that I made in this particular game.


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