March 29, 2012

Warhammer, back to basics…. no more MMO hopes

THQ execs have been taking another look at the next addition to the franchise, Dark Millennium, that was said to possibly be an MMO. They have decided that investment requirements may be far exceeding what they expected for a lack of return at the time and are shifting the focus away from the MMO world and back to the basics of Warhammer. This probably came as some what of a surprise for employees at Relic and Vigil studios as 118 people have been laid off.

THQ has taken the idea of Warhammer 40,000 and thrown it around hitting every genre possible so they thought about taking it a step further and producing an MMO based on the world of marines and orcs… However, the cost to return on investment scale seems to show that it may not be the wisest decision to make in todays market. They have taken the focus off of the massively multiplayer online aspect and decided that a single player campaign with multiplayer features is a better route. This begs the question, “What happened to ‘Space Marine’ multiplayer?”. Did they just let this design fall off the edge of the earth? Should we trust their ideals on multiplayer functionality in a single player game anymore?

So what did THQ CEO Brian Farrell have to say about this? “As previously announced, we have been actively looking for a business partner for the game as an MMO, However, based on changing market dynamics and the additional investment required to complete the game as an MMO, we believe the right direction for us is to shift the title from an MMO to a premium experience with single and multiplayer gameplay, robust digital content and community features.”

This change in genre and platform is actually costing the employees of THQ. The publishing giant is downsizing 79 people from the Austin, Texas Vigil Games and 39 more from Vancouver’s Relic Entertainment. THQ said that a release window would be announced later on this project.

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