Warren Spector’s Junction Point Studios Shuts Down.


Just last week we saw the close and auc­tion­ing of THQ and all of its in house stu­dios, this week comes the news of another stu­dio clos­ing its doors, Junc­tion Point Stu­dios. Junc­tion Point Stu­dios was formed in 2005 and was then bought by Dis­ney Inter­ac­tive in 2007. In 2010 the stu­dio released Disney’s Epic Mickey, for the Nin­tendo Wii, which for all of its faults a very enter­tain­ing and dark, at least by Dis­ney stan­dards, romp through Disney’s for­got­ten past. The game, accord­ing to vgchartz, sold well enough with 2.84 copies sold world wide. In 2012 we saw a return to the waste­land with Mickey and Oswald team­ing up in Epic Mickey 2: The power of Two. Luke­warm crit­i­cal recep­tion and abysmal sales, vgchartz report­ing only sell­ing 1.15 mil­lion across 4 plat­forms; the pre­vi­ous game topped that on one. The more well received 3DS ver­sion, The Power of Illu­sion, sold only a pal­try 190,000 units. I per­son­ally would have liked to have seen more come out of this fran­chise and had maybe a darker third entry as well as another hand­held entry. We wish every­one at Junc­tion Point the best and hope­fully you all land in a good stu­dio soon. GamesIn­dus­try has a state­ment from Dis­ney on the closing.

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