January 29, 2013

Warren Spector’s Junction Point Studios Shuts Down.


Just last week we saw the close and auctioning of THQ and all of its in house studios, this week comes the news of another studio closing its doors, Junction Point Studios. Junction Point Studios was formed in 2005 and was then bought by Disney Interactive in 2007. In 2010 the studio released Disney’s Epic Mickey, for the Nintendo Wii, which for all of its faults a very entertaining and dark, at least by Disney standards, romp through Disney’s forgotten past. The game, according to vgchartz, sold well enough with 2.84 copies sold world wide. In 2012 we saw a return to the wasteland with Mickey and Oswald teaming up in Epic Mickey 2: The power of Two. Lukewarm critical reception and¬†abysmal sales, vgchartz reporting only selling 1.15 million across 4 platforms; the previous game topped that on one. The more well received 3DS version, The Power of Illusion, sold only a paltry 190,000 units. I personally would have liked to have seen more come out of this franchise and had maybe a darker third entry as well as another handheld entry. We wish everyone at Junction Point the best and hopefully you all land in a good studio soon. GamesIndustry¬†has a statement from Disney on the closing.

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