February 22, 2013

Weekend Round-up


Something I though I would try this week and see how it goes. This is the weekend round-up of everything that happened at thegamersblog, this week. Also just a note of what we are playing this weekend and to have a little weekend chitchat about games or whatever. Anyway, here we go.


A look at classic games featuring Dune II.

Our preview look at Crysis 3 and Metal Gear Rising: Revengance. 

Bungie’s announcement of their new title Destiny. 

MMORPG Update featuring Survarium.

Final Fantasy XIII was featured on Gaming in Stereo.

We are still really bummed out about THQ closing it’s doors and the loss of franchises.

Mass Effect is getting a final send off DLC pack next week, Halo 4 will be receiving the Majestic Map Pack next week as well. 

Everything covering the announcement of the PlayStation 4 is right here here, here, and here.

A look at the history of the PlayStation though video. 


For the weekend I will be playing Happy Wars most likely. I had Brad “Thsoundman” and my brother download the free to play game and I created monsters in the process. There is a Mass Effect 3 Operation in effect for this weekend as well. I may jump into that and save some credits for Tuesdays new multiplayer DLC. Dragon’s Dogma is still on my back log pile as well as several others I really need to give some attention to. Since I multitask during online gaming, some more Wipeout 2048 and Crashmo, both of which I am loving immensely. Any gaming plans for the weekend?


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