April 4, 2010

When Game Developers Screw Consumers

There comes a point with DLC and price where you are just screwing your consumer.  IW’s newest Map Pack is a prime example with this.  You would think with all the problems IW has been having with MW2 they would try to release a cheap or free map pack to appease the masses and then on top of that try to fix alot of the issues that have been plaguing MW2 from the beginning.  Sadly, the newest DLC does does not meet any of these expectations.  Instead, this is the most expensive DLC to date and the maps are… disappointing to say the least.  The map pack includes 5 new maps but two of them are only rehashes of maps released with the original Modern Warfare.  I’m avidly against the “double dipping” policy that some companies decide to participate it.  Yes, I am talking to you Peter Jackson.  Making consumers pay for the same content twice is unethical at best and borderline scam.   Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean you should do it.

I understand companies are there to make money.  I understand that you need to pay your employee’s.   When your game is one of the best selling games of all time charging top dollar for subpar maps and rehashes of old maps doesn’t speak well of your company.  It would be the equivilent of me going to a clients house, doing a half assed job, and then charging them double for the job.  This would never fly in the consulting world why does it fly in the Computer Entertainment world?     Sadly consumers don’t take matters into their own hands.  Consumers will continue to shell out money for this DLC just because it’s MW2.

I’ve never been a fan of pay DLC.   Even as early as six years ago paying for DLC was almost unheard of aside from expansion packs released by the publishers most “add-on” content was released via third party and was free 9 times out of 10.  With the development of the Xbox and PSN networks they have effectively controlled any content that is  released on those systems.  Now consumers not only pay 10 dollars more per game but they also pay extra money for “extra weapons and maps”.  Consumers have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on DLC.  Publishers have learned that people aren’t going to pay 30 dollars for a large map pack but theyll shell out 10 dollars 10 times in a row to additional maps.  Publishers are effectively nickle and dimeing their consumers in almost the same method that banks do when you use an ATM, overdraft or fail to pay on time.

The name of this map pack is an oxy moron at best.  It does the complete opposiste of it’s title.  It neither stimulates any excitement nor does it help save you any money.  In fact it will cost you double what a normal map pack costs.


  1. thsoundman - April 10, 2010 10:50 am

    Hehehehehe yes you may have. But you would of called me first and I would of slapped some sense into you 😛

  2. PimpmasterF - April 9, 2010 5:31 pm

    WTF????? Glad I havnt been playing MW2 lately otherwise I may have been scammed into this lame DLC


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