July 2, 2012

When LFG Takes on a Whole New Meaning

My World of Warcraft guild is dead. It’s a sad thing to admit but it’s the truth, most of the active members of my current guild have now moved on and leadership from the admins is seriously lacking – there is just no atmosphere anymore. The guild dropped the website in favour of a Facebook page – two words here, epic fail! No-one uses the Facebook page, it never gets updated with anything and so there is no way of touching base with any fellow guild members other than through the chat channel and guild window in wow, not ideal. Now this wouldn’t be so bad if the six of us in my wow group could manage to all get online at the same time, but somehow between us making a 5-man group is almost impossible… we need more, dare I say it, reliable gamers.


Of course there is always ‘Dungeon Finder’ which puts you into a dungeon group with other players online and LFG, but I have to tell you – trying to use ‘Dungeon Finder’ to group up with other random players is totally doomed to failure for me, you see… my mage’s gear is not good (hence running the dungeons for gear drops and justice points) and that means that my dps and survivability  are going to be low. Unfortunately a lot of players want to jump into 5-mans and run through them as quick as possible to get what they need, they are not interested in the content or anything else other than the final result… they forget that everyone is not at their level and might still be interested in the content. Instead of saying anything constructive, most times people will just quit the group, try to kick you or just slate you in the chat channel (just not necessary in my opinion). It’s sad that no-one wants to help each other anymore, but this is where being part of a good guild comes into it’s own, one that suits the way you play and where gamers at a similar level can run content together. I know that I can’t be the only one that is happy to help out other gamers, run lower level content with them or even run dungeons even though we know we’re going to wipe…a lot! If we don’t run content with lower level characters how does anyone learn? My main aim to to have fun playing the game, for me it’s not about getting there first (wherever there happens to be at the time), but as much how I get there. Luckily, I have five great friends who are all of the same mindset… we just need a bigger group and a bit more organisation.


So, if like me and you might be looking for a new guild here are a few ways to get started:


Ask for recommendations from old guild members who you used to play with, maybe they came across something that would be perfect for you
Check the Blizzard forums for guilds looking for new members, make contact with ones you like the sound of and be honest about what you want from a guild
If you are questing ask people to group for quests, you might find someone you have a great time playing with who could tell you about their guild and maybe introduce you
Google is your friend, there are some amazing guild websites out there that have loads of information that could help you decide what’s right for you


What not to do:


I’m not sure anyone would recommend the ‘Guild Finder’ tool in-game, best to stick with the tried and tested methods above
Don’t join guilds which spam the chat channels, that’s just not cricket!
Don’t join a guild just for the guild perks (I know they are enticing), finding a good guild will make your game experience so much better


There’s always the option of trying to resurrect my guild… I haven’t given up all hope just yet.


  1. TattooedKitty - July 4, 2012 5:12 pm

    That’s a good point you make there, at least I’m currently on a server with a decent population density, i.e, not low. I’ll definitely need to take that into account when potentially moving guilds.

  2. Jeremy Stain - July 4, 2012 11:19 am

    I agree to avoid join a guild which spams the global chat with their recuit shouts. But for me, the classic apporaches aren’t better either. Most MMOs nowadays have a bigger problem: dead servers. Dead guilds are the results. Good luck finding a good guild when the general population is low as hell. My advice for people looking for a guild: make sure the guild members have the same goal as you, e.g. become a PVP god, getting the best PvE items, becoming incredibly rich, etc.


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